Teairra Mari No Longer In Love With Ray J


Teairra Mari No Longer In Love With Ray J?!?

Wait, hold up, what about the kiss and Ray J down on one knee? Apparently it doesn’t matter because Teairra Mari No Longer In Love With Ray J!

One of the main focuses of the Love and Hip Hop Hollywood season one was the crumbling aftermath of Teairra Mari and Ray J’s romantic relationship. If we pressed rewind then you remember

In the first episode, an explosive confrontation about Ray J’s new girlfriend Paris left Teairra in tears and Ray J looking bad for what he said. But, as the season went on, Ray apologized for his actions and in the next episode (season finale airing Dec. 1), the former couple are filmed sharing a kiss with Ray J on his knees!


So, what’s really going on here? In the Nov. 23 episode, Ray told his girlfriend Princess that he was breaking up with her and doesn’t need a bossy woman in his life. Princess instantly got mad throwing drinks in his face. From there things got ugly and when she went to push him, he pushed her into the pool and walked in the house and headed to bed.  It was a real shady moment on Ray J’s part.

You might see Ray trying to win back Teairra on the upcoming Love and Hip Hop Hollywood episode, but word is Ray is already back with Princess and Teairra has moved on.

In a new interview with her co-star Yesi Ortiz, Teairra revealed:

“I’m so over that… I’m over it. He’s with somebody else and I date other people and that’s just what it is.”

She adds that she was unaware that Ray J was doing the series:

“I didn’t know he was doing it, it kind of threw me for a loop… All of those old emotions came back up.”