TDE’s SIR CHECKS Charlamagne; “Respect Me”

TDE's SIR CHECKS Charlamagne; "Respect Me"

Charlamagne Da God got his news when he sat down to interview TDE’s artist Sir, who’s produced some fire tapes and singles with the record label.

This got a bit awkward when The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne questioned Sir’s name saying, it sounds like someone from the “the hood trying to sound fancy.” Sir didn’t take kindly to his words and FIRED BACK. Continue on to see the friction between SIR Charlamagne…


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#Sir from TDE isn’t playing with #cthagod about his name

A post shared by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on has the latest situation between The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne da God and TDE artist Sir Darryl.

If you’re not familiar with Sir, he’s one of TDE’s finest signees who’s produced some fire tapes and singles with the record label.

If you heard his latest Chasing Summer project you know damn well the man deserves some respect and he made it very clear during the interview.

In an Instavideo (above) of the interview that’s made its rounds online, C Tha God references Sir’s born name, Sir Darryl Farris.

Charlamagne opened his mouth an inserted his foot with Sir saying:

Sir Darryl sounds like a n—a from the hood trying to sound fancy.

Da God’s comment sparked the “Something Foreign” singer to clap back in a calm, but very firm way:

Sir said:

Well, let me tell you this. My grandmother named me that name. That’s like some family shit. Sir Darryl is the name that you gonna call me then. Let’s start there. That name means you gotta respect me. You can say it with a joke all you want but at the end of the day it’s my name.

C Tha God clearly picked up on Sir’s tone and seriousness, sparking him to shake his hand:

No need for hostility. We met each other before.

Sir responded:

I guess last time I wasn’t that n—a!

The Breakfast Club posted this video from the interview:


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@inglewoodSiR says there’s no smoke and mirrors with him and his new album #ChasingSummer

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