Tank Says Greed Played Apart in TGT Split


When it comes to the infamous split of TGT fingers are still pointing at Tyrese, but its because Tank Says Greed Played Apart in TGT Split!!!

TGT claimed to be brothers to the world, but when it came to splitting the monies equally, Tank declares that didn’t happen and it was all because of Tyrese! Get the dish on the flip…

If you were a fan of TGT or any of the guys, Tank, Ginuwine or Tyrese, you probably didn’t know, but Tyrese claims to have the biggest chart topping songs so he deserved most of the monies made?

This according to R&B crooner, Tank, but does Tyrese realize that Ginuwine is the one with the BIGGEST chart topping song with “Pony” from back in the day? Not only that, but Ginuwine collects major royalties of the song, plus it was featured in both Magic Mike films and Chocolate City.

CelebNMusic247.com has this report via Bossip:

Interesting. Though the trio is apparently done for good over Tyrese’s refusal to share equally with his “brothers,” a rep for Tyrese says that the singer always had the highest pay, and simply wasn’t interested in a change of terms.


In fact, a rep for Tyrese told TMZ:

A rep for Tyrese says the group’s money was never split equally because the economic fact is Tyrese has had more chart success on his own. The rep did not deny money was behind the breakup.

On a personal level … the rep said Tyrese still considers Tank and Ginuwine his brothers, but “business is business.”

Welp. For those holding out hope for TGT to reunite, you can pretty much chalk this group as a fond memory. We wonder why Tyrese made it seem like a Ginuwine thing in the beginning…


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