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Lil Wayne vs Birdman: The War is On


Lil Wayne vs Birdman: The War is On!!!

When it come to Lil Wayne vs Birdman: The War is On these days because Young Money is apparently done with Cash Money!

Yes the days of YMCMB looks to be coming to and end when you think of Lil Wayne his father Birdman. The two have been together for over a decade but it appears that the creative minds have come to a cross roads and are ready to cut ties:

It kicked off this week when Weezy F Baby released his mix tape FIRING SHOTS at Birdman in lyrics:

Lil Wayne just opened a lyrical can of whoop ass on Birdman by releasing a mixtape with tracks that FIRE SHOTS at his former mentor/Cash Money Records CEO, Bryan Williams.

Lil Tunechi dropped “Sorry 4 The Wait 2,” a clear reference to his long delayed “Carter V” album going straight for the jugular on Birdman with a song called, “Coco.”


Lil Wayne “Coco” Lyrics:

I’m sorry for the wait, I’m sorry for the wait
Tha Carter gon’ be late so I cooked up a tape
The garden’s full of snakes so I had to escape
Lil homie gon’ be straight, lil’ homie gon’ be straight

[Hook 1]
This that Sorry 4 The Wait 2
And I’m sorry for the wait too
I told myself to save yourself cause I can’t save you
I send my goons to kill somebody, I need head proof
F-ck, this that Sorry 4 The Wait 2
I ain’t trippin’, I got Barbie, I got Drake too
I send my goons to kill somebody, I need head proof
Then they come through and sit it on my coffee table

[Verse 1]
Who kept this sh-t together? N—a, me, that’s who
Who was there when n—as left us? N—a, me, that’s who
Cash Money is an army, I’m a one man army
And if them n—as comin’ for me, I’m goin’ out like Tony (Scarface reference)
Now I don’t want no problems, I just want my money
Ain’t gotta hold no conversation or my luggage
Tell whoever’s countin’ that I’m on a hundred
Birdman Jr., more like Ugly Duckling

Takin’ over, now I’m takin’ over
Think it’s over? B-tch I’m thinkin’ forward
I’m sippin’ lean out a glass, n—a
All I got is Young Money, no more Cash, n—a

[Hook 2]
And this that Sorry 4 The Wait 2
No more am I my brother’s keeper, Cain and Abel
Young Money sharp, I’m still eatin’, I just chipped my tooth
Tell them n—as no love lost cause I ain’t got sh-t to lose
I told myself to save yourself cause I can’t save you
I send my goons to kill somebody, I need head proof
I found a needle in a haystack, put the thread through
I tried to stitch the wound back up but I just bled through

[Verse 2]
It’s compensation over conversation
Lord I must got blurry vision, a n—a’s got two faces
Lord, this game is a vampire
Blood you gotta protect your neck, it’ll suck you dry like raisins, lord
But fuck that, n—a
Gun drawn out, f-ck that, n—a, I’ma ball out
The day you met me is when Hell froze
On the day I left is when it thawed out
I’m still in the buildin’, I just have to knock a couple walls down
Have to kick y’all out
Life is a movie but sometimes a n—a get too tired of watchin’ and walk out

Takin’ over, Lord I’m takin’ over
Dropped the Sorry 4 The Wait until the wait is over
Sippin’ lean out a flask, n—a
And all I do is smoke, f-ck and thrash, n—a

[Hook 3]
And this the Sorry 4 The Wait 2
F-ck these haters, throw your board up if you skate too
I send my goons to kill somebody, I need head proof
Then they come through and sit it on my coffee table
Tunechi, n—as don’t appreciate you
You’ve been down since day 1, it meant nothin’ on day 2
Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow and to say too
But I graduated from that bullshit, now I hate school

And now I’m takin’ over, now I’m takin’ over
The old me dead and gone, that’s who I’m prayin’ over
Might have to go back to slangin’ yola ’til the wait is over
If so then I got bakin’ soda, I got bakin’ soda

The lyrics above prove that the Wayne-Birdman beef is 100% real.

The timing of the song and mixtape are interesting … considering internet rumblings that Wayne could be plotting a move over to Master P’s No Limit records.


Check the track via TMZ:

Of course Birdman FIRED BACK in ANGER since Lil Wayne blatantly “disrespected” him in his latest song!  Word is, Birdman will NOT voluntarily release the rapper from Cash Money, CelebNMusic247.com has learned, according to sources connected with the mogul.

Sources say Birdman is angry on 2 fronts … that Wayne is trying to bail on a binding contract and even more personal, he’s putting their relationship on blast.

Wayne’s song, “I’m Sorry for the Wait,” is especially galling to Birdman because he feels the man he calls “son” is treating him like some random producer.

As we reported, lawyers and others for Wayne and Birdman are in talks, but Wayne has threatened a lawsuit if his album isn’t released.

Our Birdman sources say the mogul won’t budge and will only release the album on his terms. And he will fight Wayne if he sues to get out of his contract.

And now the WAR IS ON since Birdman and Lil Wayne have officially declared war and there is NO settlement foreseen anytime soon.


Here is the most recent update on the war at YMCMB via TMZ:

The settlement has fallen apart and now Lil Wayne, born Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.,  will sue his mentor, Bryan Williams aka Birdman, claiming that the Cash Money CEO owes him $8 million.

The 2 titans tried coming to terms this week but it wasn’t meant to be. Now Wayne will ask a judge to declare him free of Cash Money and Birdman’s control. Wayne says Birdman has violated their contract by withholding the release of his new album.

As for the $8 MIL claim … Wayne says Birdman owed the money for his latest album — it was supposed to be an advance.

Birdman has held firm … he will release the album “in due time,” but clearly that’s not good enough for Wayne.

We’re told Wayne will keep recording but he will release his works outside of the Cash Money umbrella.

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Suge Knight Supports Lil Wayne


Suge Knight Supports Lil Wayne

Former Death Row Records head Marion Suge Knight Supports Lil Wayne and  then sent a threat toward Young Money’s Drake.

CelebNMusic247.com has learned via Sohh [EbenGregory] that Knight has publicly spoken out on Lil Wayne wanting out of his Cash Money Records contract. You know Weezy is battling Birdman over the release of his Carter V album.


We have also heard when Knight was approached by paparazzi, he vouched his support for Weezy F. Baby by sending a threat toward Young Money’s Drake.


Here is the hot tea that has been spilling all over the web:

“Double shout-outs to Lil Wayne for being free. Not stopping him. You know, Lil Wayne is somebody I got a lot of love and respect for. It ain’t about picking him up, it’s about having his back. Because of Wayne, most people got their passes. So they better pass it up. And Drake, as long as you stay down with Wayne, you don’t got to worry about the last dance with the dancer. It comes.” (TMZ)

Young Money’s Nicki Minaj recently suggested the war of words likely came from Wayne’s passion to have his music come out.

“Cash Money is blessed, thank you for asking. We are a family and just like in families, we have our moments. But, you know what, I’ve gotten so much closer to Wayne lately. Wayne is his own person. He’s a businessman and whatever decision Wayne makes, I would never in my life speak against it publicly, even if I didn’t agree. So my thing is, and Baby has always been one of my best friends in the game. They love each other and it’s family. It’ll never go to another level. Everybody loves to hype things up but artists are emotional. We are emotional when it comes to our projects and when it comes to our fans and what our fans want and when they want it and sometimes that causes us to, you know, act emotional.” (Power 106 FM)

Checkout Suge making threats at Drake:


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Lil Wayne Planning Lawsuit Against Birdman


Lil Wayne Planning Lawsuit Against Birdman!?!

Things are getting uglier over at Cash Money Records since Lil Wayne Planning Lawsuit Against Birdman and Cash Money unless they release The Carter V, ASAP.

You would think Lil Wayne understood how business works with the labels invovled, but it’s apparent he’s NOT the one when it comes to business and making deals and money.


It has become apparent that Weezy is just an artist because he is going after his father aka Birdman over an album.

See CelebNMusic247.com has learned via BallerStatus that Weezy believes his The Carter V is ready to go, but Birdman says there’s a lot of behind the scenes that goes into the release of album… which still needs to be done.

There’s no official word from either side, but word is Wayne and Birdman are not on speaking terms.

However, we got word earlier this month via LilWayneHQ that Mack Maine confirmed that Weezy is currently putting finishing touches on his C5 album.

The Carter V will come in two parts, there is no new release date right now but it will drop in the first quarter of 2015 “for sure”, and until then it’s “Free Tha Carter V”.

Maine also discussed Tunechi‘s tweets about wanting to leave Cash Money Records (says Tune reached his “breaking point”, as well as prays that everything works out and gets resolved asap).

Check the video interview:

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