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Rick Ross Disses Birdman on "Rather You Than Me"

Rick Ross FIRES SHOTS at Birdman on “Rather You Than Me”

With Remy Ma slaughtering Nicki Minaj it only seems right that another YMCMB member gets BLASTED! Rick Ross Disses Birdman on “Rather You Than Me”!!!

Read on to see how Rick Ross Dissed Birdman on the track “Rather You Than Me” from his “Idols Become Rivals” album…

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Lil Wayne Poses with Rick Ross Trick Daddy

Lil Wayne Poses with Rick Ross Trick Daddy and Flips Bird

SHOTS FIRED: After Birdman was spotted RANT “Respeck My Name” on the Breakfast Club, Lil Wayne Poses In Photo With Rick Ross and Trick Daddy. Actions speak LOUDER the Birdman!

Find out why Lil Wayne poses with Rick Ross and Trick Daddy which is a direct diss to Birdman on the flip….

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Jas Prince filling Lawsuit Against YMCMB In NYC


Jas Prince filling Lawsuit Against YMCMB In NYC!!!

It appeared Jas Prince had finally ended his lawsuit against YMCMB, but now we are hearing that Jas Prince filling Lawsuit Against YMCMB In NYC over unpaid Drake royalties.

CelebNMusic247.com heard via reports that Prince agreed to an $11 million settlement with the company. According to TMZ, the legal fight is not over, but sources are saying that isn’t true.

If you remember The 27-year-old Houston native revealed initially that Lil Wayne was not interested in the Toronto rhymer’s music.

Prince said:

“At the time I was really cool with Lil Wayne, and I brought Drake to his attention, too. I was like, “Yo, I have an artist I’m working with and I believe he’s dope.” His response was just: “Jas, don’t ever play this for me again. He sucks!” But I’m persistent. Wayne didn’t stop me—I kept pursuing it, pursuing it, pursuing it.”

It was an agreement made which promised he would receive advance and royalty payments for Drake’s music released through the imprint, CelebNMusic247.com had learned.

Now we have just gotten word that Drake’s pal, Jas, filed docs to dismiss his federal lawsuit in Florida against Cash Money and Aspire Music Group. Jas is seeking millions in unpaid royalties he says are owed to him for discovering Drake and bringing him to Birdman and Lil Wayne’s label.

But our Prince sources tell us the real reason for the dismissal is … Jas plans to refile the suit in New York.

Back in June, Prince spoke with Fader about his role in connecting the future platinum-selling artist with the Young Money label. Lil Wayne’s YM is an imprint under Cash Money Records which is headed by Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams.

“Cortez Bryant is Wayne’s manager. When we figured out that we wanted to work on the [Drake] project, Cortez flew down to Houston and sat with me and my dad [Rap-A-Lot Records founder James Prince] and we talked about how we were going to do it—50/50, with him and Wayne and me and my dad, Young Money and Young Empire,” said Prince.

What do you think about Jas Prince filling Lawsuit Against YMCMB In NYC?

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