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Joe Budden Walks off Everyday Struggle; He's NOT Coming Back

Joe Budden Walks off Everyday Struggle; He’s NOT Coming Back

Hip Hop’s voice, Joe Budden has officially walked off the most necessary web series in hip hop, “Everyday Struggle.”

With the state that hip hop is in these days, “Everyday Struggle” is one of the most needed shows, but it only works because Joe Budden is the perfect voice to rep the hip hop community. Read on to find out why he’s gone and its O.V.E.R.!!!

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Candidly Nicole The Chicken Farmer


Candidly Nicole The Chicken Farmer!

Tonight on Candidly Nicole she goes from club rat to chicken farmer so she goes to a gay ranch to get chickens so the moms like her.

Nicole wants to be accepted by three school mom’s who are planning an Harvest style event for their kids. Nicole Richie may come off a bit thirsty but it’s hilarious as she tries to raise chickens to lay eggs so the mom’s can kind of choke on the eggs. Not die just gag and gasp for air a little, you know something mild and meant in a meaningful Nicole kind of way. That’s legit, right? (twisting my hair) Checkout Ms Ritchie as Nicole and Kelly Oxford hit a gay chicken farm to prove to a bunch of snooty school moms just how organic Nicole really is.

She’s only doing this because she wants to have some things on the moms and be able to check them when she see’s them. She goes to learn how to raise chickens and finds out her chickens only lay one egg a day. The funniest part is when she has to clean their poop! Classic Nicole. But there is more comedy in this episode than ever. After finding out that she only has 3 eggs, Nicole takes to an organic market for the best egg array money can buy. watch the Chicken Farmer make it happen:

Watch Candidly Nicole The Chicken Farmer at the farm fundraiser, Nicole gets real with the snooty school moms. Awkward!!!!

CelebNMusic247.com loves this show.

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Courtney Stodden Lands Reality Series


Courtney Stodden Tackles Important Issues on Webseries

Courtney Stodden, the girl who became famous when she wed fifty-something “actor” Doug Hutchison at the rip old age of sixteen tackles important issues like the selfie on Courtney Naturally.

Courtney Stodden and her fifty-something “actor” Doug Hutchison milked their notoriety on Couples Therapy. Then, after her stint on U.K.’s Big Brother, Courtney called it a day as far as her marriage to Doug, calling it quits in a very public way. You know for 15 more minutes.

Well CelebNMusic247.com has learn she has landed an extention of her 15 minutes and we’re not talking another boob enhancement. Courtney has landed a series of webisodes, tackling such hard hitting topics like selfies and helium.

It’s intellectual talk, well maybe not. The show is called Courtney Naturally is the name of her new endeavor, and Courtney shares with Fox 411:

“I’m just being me…Each ep [sic] is fun and outrageous. The best part is there is no filter.”

It’s smart TV???

Well don’t take it from us, take it from Courtney’s momanger explaining that topics will evolve from superficial selfies.

Courtney’s mother says:

“Her and I are on it together and we’re going over baby pictures and laughing about the ways I dressed her. There’s a lot more to come.”

Sounds riveting!

Check it out:

When did TV get so smart???



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