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50 Cent Bashes Diddy’s Ciroc Vodka


50 Cent Bashes Diddy‘s Ciroc Vodka?!?

50 Cent Bashes Diddy’s Ciroc Vodka while promoting his new business venture with EFFEN Vodka, before subsequently deleting the images!

50 Cent took aim at Diddy and Ciroc on Instagram earlier today after he filled with photos of EFFEN Vodka and requests for fans to make memes surrounding the product. It appears that 50 Cent has partnered with Effen Vodka, and after promoting the beverage on his Instagram, it didn’t take long for Curtis to diss his competition. However, Fiddy’s immature fat joke didn’t last all that long, as the image was allegedly taken down within 2 hours of posting.

CelebNMusic247.com is guess that the Fiddy and Diddy rivalry may have just been taken to the next level.


The rapper then posted a meme of Diddy dancing with an overweight woman with the caption, “Dam…50?s right, I’m EFFEN Up Right Now.” Fans immediately called out the rapper for fat-shaming and also slammed him for throwing shade at Diddy.

The photo was later taken down, but a few others were posted with the rapper calling Diddy’s successful Ciroc brand “Puffy Juice.” 50 previously called the vodka “Puffy Juice” in an Instagram video posted over the summer.

Diddy responded to the posts with a clever quote of his own.

We have drank both Vodka’s and if we had to choose it would be Effen, we’ve been drink that vodka for years. Way before Ciroc and Effen is like drinking water, you can drink it straight and it has no vodka taste. Yeah it’s the bomb!

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Jessica Chastain Goes Public With Italian Stallion

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(CelebNMusic247-NewsJessica Chastain Goes Public With Italian Stallion

It seems Jessica Chastain can no longer hide her private love life anymore!

Jessica Chastain has been quietly dating Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo, an executive for the fashion brand Moncler…but it seems as though she’s slowly but surely having difficulty keeping a lid on their romance

Here’s the drop via a source who reveals:

“They’ve been dating seriously for awhile now and Gian really likes her. He is a classy guy and completely agrees about respecting their relationship and not flaunting it.”

However, the Zero Dark Thirty star revealed to Katie that she was doing the flaunting:

“I have a rule that I don’t date actors so he’s not in the business at all . . . He’s in the fashion industry.”

And while picking up a bottle of vodka backstage at the gifting suite for Writers’ Guild Awards:

“My boyfriend loves Vodka. The bottle is pretty.”

Sounds like The Help star is head over heels about this love connection. They do say Italian men are better lovers!

Good luck Jessica and Gian!

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Machine Gun Kelly Spits In Fan’s Mouth?

(CelebNMusic247) Machine Gun Kelly Spits Into Fan’s Mouth?

Let me start with, YUCK!

Word is, MGK aka Machine Gun Kelly threw back a giant shot of vodka during a concert in L.A. this weekend…then spat it into some chick’s mouth,

Words can’t describe how grossed out I am.

Anyways, while the 22-year-old Shotgun Machine Gun Kelly was performing at the Rock the Bells festival in San Bernardino Sunday when he took a massive swig out of a vodka bottle, then walked into the crowd with the liquid still in his mouth.

Once he found his lady target, MGK mother-birded the booze into the girl’s anxiously-awaiting maw. It’s pretty disgusting reports TMZ [via 4UMF].

Get this, the girl loved MGK’s sprat.

Makes me only think she like getting explosions in her face and then spit ballin.

Yeah I went there. I know you were thinking it too.

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