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ScHoolboy Q Dog Put on Wrong United Airlines Flight, WTF?

ScHoolboy Q Dog Put on Wrong United Airlines Flight, WTF?

Now this would PISS any dog lover off! According to ScHoolboy Q, United Airlines placed his new pooch on the wrong flight and he’s LIVID!

Find out what ScHoolboy Q is saying about the unprofessional United Airlines. Read on…

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MC Hammer BLAMES America For Ebola Virus

IEBA 2014 Conference - Day 2

MC Hammer BLAMES America For Ebola Virus

The “Can’t Touch This” singer, MC Hammer BLAMES America For Ebola Virus scare saying that is it “karma’ for the country not providing enough aid in Africa.

CelebNMusic247.com has the details via Hammer who weighed in on America in a RANT on Twitter letting it be known to his nearly 3.5 million followers that he is outraged at the lack of aid being sent to the Africa to help medics cope with the outbreak.

MC Hammer is blaming America for the ongoing Ebola scare saying that is it “karma’ for the country not providing enough aid in Africa.

Hammer added that this woman named “Karma” will “elevate herself from Bitch to (Wife with no-prenup)”.

Here is what he said on social media:


Meanwhile, MC Hammer’s Twitter feed is cluttered with Ebola articles and opinionated statements about the situation we find ourselves in – spurred on by the recent reports of a Texas man who had just returned from Africa, being the first confirmed Ebola case diagnosed in the U.S.

In other news, CNN reports:

After the quarantine of passengers from a United Airlines flight from Brussels at the Newark airport, many Americans may feel a sense of relief that the government is finally responding aggressively to the threat of an Ebola epidemic.

Others, however, are undoubtedly astonished that the freedom and liberty of American citizens can be terminated without trial by health officials intent on preventing the spread of disease. Will anyone suffering from fever, headache and muscle pain (some of the more common symptoms of early-stage Ebola, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) have to fear involuntary commitment to a local hospital while tests are run? Isn’t this really a form of imprisonment without trial? (And in the Newark incident, fears of an Ebola case proved unjustified.)

In fact, involuntary commitment and quarantine is perfectly legal in every American state. Quarantine is as American as apple pie. We can expect to see a lot more involuntary quarantines and hospital commitments in the months ahead as the U.S. struggles to contain the threat of Ebola now emanating from West Africa.

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Will.i.am Booted


Will.i.am Booted From First Class Lounge!

Rapper Will.i.am was left embarrassed after being asked to leave a first class lounge at an airport as the staff thought his membership card was not real.

CelebNMuisc247.com has learned via 4UMF.com The Black Eyed Peas star posted a series of tweets hitting out at United Airlines after being told to leave a VIP lounge May 10 because staff thought he had a fake membership card, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Will.i.am posted on Twitter: “United Airlines is the worst. I am a member and I have my card to prove it. But they tell me my card is fake and kick me out the lounge.”

It is not known which airport the rapper was flying from but he posted about visiting fellow rapper Puff Daddy in Washington D.C. for his speech at Howard University.

He also wrote: “I fly so much. A business should know who their customers are. It’s okay I am making this my lounge”. He also posted a photograph of a chair in the corner of the airport.



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