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Nipsey Hussle + Ty Dolla Sign Weigh In on Game Meek Feud

Nipsey Hussle + Ty Dolla Sign Weigh In on Game Meek Feud

MC’s Nipsey Hussle + Ty Dolla Sign are refusing to take sides when it comes to the feud between The Game and Meek Mill!!!

Find out why Nipsey Hussle + Ty Dolla Sign refuse to take sides, but want Game + Meek Mill to man up and squash the feud…

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YG & Ty Dolla Sign Accused Of Assault


YG & Ty Dolla Sign Accused Of Assault?!?

What’s up with all the violence in the hip hop industry, now it’s RUMORED that YG & Ty Dolla Sign Accused Of Assault in Australia!

Word is the young guns rising from the West Coast Hip Hop scene are facing allegations by a fan who is accusing YG and Ty Dolla Sign of punching and kicking him at Melbourne’s Eve Nightclub on Sunday.


CelebNMusic247.com got the details of the incident via AHH:

The alleged victim claims he was hanging in the VIP area when the rappers and their crew rolled in and tried to shove everyone else out. The victim says when he refused to bolt … they unloaded on him and then chased him outside.

No arrests were made, but police are investigating the incident. Sources connected to the California based Hip Hop stars tell TMZ Ty Dolla and YG did not touch the man, and it was security that removed him from the venue.

There were also reports that riot police were called in for YG and Ty’s show in Sydney on January 26. The two were performing at the Enmore Theatre when authorities apparently arrived on the scene to break up a brawl.

YG posted pictures from his Australian tour dates to his Instagram page:

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Ty Dolla Sign’s Tour Bus Pulled Over For Weed


Ty Dolla Sign’s Tour Bus Pulled Over For Weed!

Seven people got BUSTED in Iowa for marijuana possession after Ty Dolla Sign’s Tour Bus Pulled Over For Weed!

Ty Dolla Sign was NOT on the bus when the incident happened, even though he is pretty up front about his infatuation with weed. Sign’s tour  bus was pulled over in Iowa and it was reportedly reeked of kush smoke, CelebNMusic247.com has learned.

According to TMZ, Ty’s bus was approached by cops for “equipment violations’, but when they got a whiff of the haze emanating from the vehicle, they were forced to bring the dogs on board. After a thorough search, officers recovered 42.2 grams of weed (which includes 18.2 grams of hash oil) and 28 items that qualify as drug paraphernalia.

According a rep for Ty, the singer wasn’t even on the bus when this went down, as he was already on a plane to Omaha. The seven (of twelve) noted for possession will face tickets and court dates in December.


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