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Jared Leto Sues TMZ over posting Taylor Swift dis

Jared Leto Sues TMZ Over Taylor Swift Post

After gossip site TMZ published a sensational video post of the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman saying “F— Taylor Swift”, Jared Leto Sues TMZ Over Taylor Swift Post…

CelebNMusic247.com has Leto’s statement he release to TMZ for invading his privacy…

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Donald Sterling SLAMS TMZ & V. Stiviano With Lawsuit

FILE - In this Dec. 19, 2010, file photo, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, right, and V. Stiviano, left, watch the Clippers play the Los Angeles Lakers during an NBA preseason basketball game in Los Angeles. Sterling sued celebrity website TMZ and an ex-girlfriend over the recording of his off-color remarks that cost him ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers. Sterling's lawsuit filed Friday, Aug. 7, 2015, in Los Angeles Superior Court accused TMZ and V. Stiviano of violating his privacy and causing damage on a "scale of unparalleled and unprecedented magnitude." (AP Photo/Danny Moloshok, File)

Donald Sterling SLAMS TMZ & V. Stiviano With Lawsuit!!!

It looks like the Ex-Clippers owner and racist, Donald Sterling SLAMS TMZ & V. Stiviano With Lawsuit over recording exposing his true colors and ruining his career.

Before we go any further, TMZ is owned by Warner Bros, so Sterling is going up against a Hollywood powerhouse. If you remember, the recording that outed former Clippers owner Donald Sterling as a racist and ultimately resulted in his ban from the NBA last year is the basis for new litigation against the billionaire’s ex-girlfriend and gossip website TMZ.

CelebNMusic247.com has this report via SportingNews:

In a lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Sterling accuses TMZ and V. Stiviano of violating his privacy and causing damage on a “scale of unparalleled and unprecedented magnitude” for recording and releasing a conversation in which Sterling is heard forbidding Stiviano to associate with black people.

The audio, first released on TMZ.com in April 2014, led to NBA commissioner Adam Silver banning Sterling from the league.

Shelly Sterling, his estranged wife, eventually sold the Clippers franchise to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for $2 billion. She had won court approval for the sale by showing Sterling had dementia and was unfit to handle his own business affairs.


Sterling launched an initial lawsuit after the ruling, alleging that Shelly Sterling, the NBA and two doctors who examined him conspired to rid him of the team.

Last week, he filed for divorce from his wife of six decades.

Sterling, 81, had been in a relationship with Stiviano for 2 1/2 years at the time of the recordings, to which Stiviano has said Sterling consented. But Sterling contends in the lawsuit the “illicit” cellphone audio was made without his knowledge and forwarded to TMZ by Stiviano “and/or her agents.”

Mac Nehoray, an attorney for Stiviano, told The Associated Press that Sterling also made the racial remarks in front of Stiviano’s sister, negating his privacy claim.

“It’s ridiculous if he says he was damaged by it when he made $2 billion,” Nehoray said. “I think he’s just a litigious person. Unless he has something going on in the public eye, he can’t exist.”

In April, two weeks before the recordings were made public, Stiviano was ordered by a judge to pay Shelly Sterling $2.6 million for gifts given to her by Donald Sterling. At the time, she professed love for Sterling, going as far as to call Shelly Sterling “evil.”

What do you think of Sterling’s lawsuit?

Do you feel he has the right to sue?

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Bruce Jenner Texting While Driving Caused Accident


Bruce Jenner Texting While Driving Caused Accident!?!

Looks like Kris Jenner’s soon to be ex husband may be heading to jail if L.A. County Sheriff’s find that Bruce Jenner Texting While Driving Caused Accident (allegedly).

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. will get a search warrant to determine if Bruce Jenner was texting at the time he slammed into a car, causing the driver to die

Bruce better be worried because cellphones long everything you do on the phone and backups with the carrier and other sources.


Here the breaking details CelebNMusic247.com has learned via TMZ who has the details that Bruce Jenner was lying about being chased by paparazzi (allegedly):

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, they will get warrants for both Bruce’s phone records and the cellphone itself. It’s illegal to text while driving in California and if Bruce was texting Saturday when he struck a car on PCH in Malibu, authorities could charge him with vehicular manslaughter.

The photos we posted showing Bruce in the car immediately before impact do not reveal what if anything he’s holding. It appears he might be clutching something in his left hand but it’s unclear.

Even if he was texting, our sources say proving he was doing it at exactly the moment of the crash could be difficult or even impossible.

Our law enforcement sources also tell us they’re positive Bruce tried to avoid the accident. The tires on his trailer produced significant skid marks and at the last minute Bruce veered to the right, causing the Lexus to swing left into oncoming traffic. A Hummer struck the Lexus, killing the Lexus driver.

We’re told cops are skeptical about the story of the Prius driver, who was hit from the rear by the Lexus in the chain reaction. The Prius driver says she was stopped at a red light, but she was about 300 feet from the light itself. Cops don’t know if there was a long line of cars in front of her or if she stopped before the light to make an illegal U-turn. They tell us her story is “vague.”

We’re told cops didn’t check Bruce’s phone at the accident scene. As one law enforcement source put it, “We were more interested in his sobriety.” Bruce passed the sobriety test.

Take a look at the shocking moments of impact shots courtesy of TMZ via Splash News/INF:




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