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Show Must Go On: 2 Chainz Tours with Broken Leg

Show Must Go On: 2 Chainz Tours with Broken Leg

Wednesday night marked the beginning of the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music Tour in Tucson, Arizona, but 2 Chainz was pink wheelchair bound.

The Hairweavekiller underwent surgery for his leg and now 2 Chainz is touring with a broken leg. Read on…

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2 Chainz Opens New Atlanta Studio


2 Chainz Opens New Atlanta Studio!!!

2 Chainz Opens New Atlanta Studio, he and Street Execs Management unveiled their new recording studio in the A.

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz and Street Execs Management unveiled their new recording studio downtown earlier this week, and also introduced their new record label, The Real University Records (also known as TRU Records).

The facility opened on January 1st, 2015 and houses artists like 2 Chainz, Travis Porter, Young Dolph, CAP 1, Bankroll Fresh, Grammy award-winning engineer Wonder Arillo, and DJ E Sudd. Among the artists on TRU Records are CAP 1, Skooly and Fresh aka Short Dawg. With 2 Chainz’s leadership they released their debut mixtape “T.R.U. Jack City” in late January.


Tauheed Epps, also known as 2 Chainz, intentionally arrived late to the showcase, saying:

“I want to give upcoming artists from Atlanta an opportunity to be heard.”

“I have faith in the people I’m working with. These guys have outstanding personalities, we really support each other and we’re planting a lot of seeds and continuing the movement through the summer.”

While rap crews such as MMG, Young Money and G.O.O.D. Music have become popular on the mainstream circuit, 2 Chainz has complete confidence, in what, his up-and-coming crew brings to the industry.

Chainz adds:

“We are the underdog and we ain’t trippin’; we know we gonna win the game.”

 “It’s fun being on this side.”


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How Old is 2 Chainz

How Old is 2 Chainz-530-1

(CelebNMusic247-News) How Old is 2 Chainz

Last month Atlanta hip hop star known as 2 Chainz was acquitted of his drug charges.

A record exec has come forth and revealed the real age of  rapper 2 Chainz, born Tauheed Epps, is really 42 years old.

The insider said:

“He doesn’t want people to know how old he is . . . but he’s one of the oldest rappers in the game.”

Did anyone actually believe he was in his 30s?

The man is doing great from being in his mid-40s and lets be real he’s been in the game way too long to claim a younger age. Remember Chainz was first known for being one half of the southern hip hop duo Playaz Circle and went by the name of Tity Boi.

No big deal because Jay-Z is right next too him.

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