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Sundy Carter Covers Caution Magazine


Sundy Carter Covers Caution Magazine!!!

You may NOT see Sundy on the upcoming season of Basketball Wives LA, but the shot caller Sundy Carter Covers Caution Magazine for June.

Most recently Sundy was spotted in Los Angeles.

She took to Instagram saying:

I was out having an “early dinner @katsuyabysbe the other day w/bae @jessicarich n that all black LBD by @shop1323 get u one tell em I sent u.”





Sundy always makes a statement, not matter where she goes.

Just the other day she revealed a little more skin than planned, but Sundy had this to say about it:

“Yeah I Know…”


Sundy is real about who she is, and she has no shame in her game.

What do you think?

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Sundy Carter on BLAST for Fake Rolex


Sundy Carter on BLAST for Fake Rolex

Basketball Wives LA newbie, Sundy Carter thought she was somebody yesterday when she posted a photo of her “so-called” BRAND NEW Rolex watch.

CelebNMusic247.com has the drop on her “new Rolex,” the Rolex Submariner which costs about 8 STACKS!

Sundy tried to act like she was stuntin, writing:

“LAST NIGHT! Every girl should have a helluva timepiece ASAP????#teamsundy#carterempire#AListgroupLA”

The only problem is the one in the photo is a FA-FA-FA-FAKE! See when you look closely at the pearl where the 0 is supposed to be on the MOVING DIAL – it’s supposed to be raised, and Sundy’s IS NOT!

Here take a look at the missing details:


CLUCK CLUCK! Really Sundy?

Then the next noticable FLAW is at the inside dial. It’s supposed to say ROLEX over and over.  Sundy’s dial is a polished steel all around.

Either Sundy got taken, or she bought this Rolex out of the world famous Alley in Los Angeles.

Damn, Sundy we thought being Jackie Christie’s mini-me on Basketball Wives LA would have paid better or at least enough so you could get a starter Rolex


Click here to see what REAL Rolex watches look like. Now CelebNMusic247.com has done some searching and we’ve come across a pre-owned/older version of the Rolex, which runs for $6,600 – though Sundy’s still does NOT have the trademark pearl where the 0 is supposed to be on the MOVING DIAL.





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