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T-Boz Calls Rihanna Beef Irrelevant


T-Boz Calls Rihanna Beef Irrelevant!

Hip Hop veteran and TLC member, T-Boz is over it when it comes to Rihanna because she claims that she is NOT ignorant and the beef is irrelevant!

T-Boz, born Rozonda Thomas, is NOT HATING on RiRi, says that the ignorance was all Rihanna and NOT her. She claims she has no time for BS because she has a kid and a life.

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that T-Boz breaks it down and sets things straight on the celebrity feud.

RiRi and T-Boz squared off earlier this month after T-Boz trashed RiRi for regularly showing way too much skin. Rihanna fired back with a twitter pic of a topless TLC — i.e., Rihanna called her a hypocrite.

TMZ cameras caught up with T-Boz’ trying to get a rise out of the TLC legend outside Bootsy Bellows Thursday night.

She may NOT have thrown any gas on the rumors, but she did call Rihanna ignorant. 



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Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel Make Nice -Video

Kanye West-explains not to treat celebs like school animals-110-1

(CelebNMusic247-NewsKanye West and Jimmy Kimmel Make Nice -Video

Last night (Oct 9) we transcribed the Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel Hash it out interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live and now today we have the FULL video.

Well today we have the FULL interview for you to watch in case you missed Kanye on Kimmel last night.

Its a very interesting interview – Kanye admits he was being very vocal during his BBC interview about what he has been going through over the past 10 years. He admits being weird, honest and inappropriate, but he would be lying to himself if he didn’t admit it.


Check part 2 of Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel make nice after Twitter Beef:

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Lyfye Jennings – Boomerang


(CelebNMusic247-News) Lyfye Jennings – Boomerang

Lyfye Jennings signed a joint venture Mass Appeal Entertainment to drop his new video Boomerang from his upcoming release LUCID set to drop on October 8th

Lyfe Jennings new venture with Mass Appeal Entertainment is showing great promise with his first single/video off the LUCID album distributed through Ingrooves Fontana distribution.

“Boomerang” was written by Lyfe Jennings and produced by G2G and LaShaunda “Baby Girl” Carr.  Before you watch Lyfe Jennings new video “Boomerang,” let him take you behind the scenes of the video:

Check it:

Watch Lyfe Jennings new video – “Boomerang”:

Download “Boomerang” on iTunes HERE

More on Lyfe Jennings:

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