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Did Snoop Dogg Cross The Line Mocking Trump Assasination

Snoop Dogg Sends Strong Message To Trump

We all understand where Snoop Dogg is coming from, because most all American’s are feeling the same way about President Trump. NeNe Leakes recently said she’s doesn’t know who Trump is anymore. Snoop is speaking out through his music!

Get the details on the Long Beach native rapper Snoop Dogg pointing a gun at a clown-styled President Trump in the promo for Lavender, his remix of BadBadNotGood…

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Prop 64 Passes In California; Snoop Dogg Celebrates

Prop 64 Passes In California; Snoop Dogg Celebrates

California just got that much more Stoney, because Prop 64 Passes! West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg is planning to “smoke weed every day”!!!

Flip and get the details on Prop 64 and Snoop Dogg…

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FIRE Cancels Snoop Dogg’s Birthday Bash

FIRE Cancels Snoop Dogg's Birthday Bash-1017-1

FIRE Cancels Snoop Dogg’s Birthday Bash!!!

It’s the last thing that anyone wants, but during Snoop’s party at Heat Ultra Lounge was shut down when a FIRE Cancels Snoop Dogg’s Birthday Bash.

This is crazy, but luckily everyone was alright.

CelebNMusic247.com has this report after FIRE Cancels Snoop Dogg’s Birthday Bash:

Snoop Dogg was set to take the stage to celebrate his birthday with a crowd of 600 people, but he was unable to perform because a decorative chandelier burst into flames around 11:30 p.m.

The crowd of about 600 had to be evacuated and Snoop’s party was canceled


According to Thirty Mile Zone the blaze started after Halloween decorations on the ceiling overheated. The damage was minimal but a sprinkler system flooded the club’s floor.

The party, to celebrate Snoop’s upcoming 44th b-day will be rescheduled.

Damn! Happy belated birthday Snoop Dogg, sorry to hear about the fire.

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