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Rick Ross Boasting Birdman Losing his "Stunna Island" Mansion

Rick Ross Boasting Birdman Losing his “Stunna Island” Mansion

Karma seems to be biting Birdman is the @ss! Rick Ross caught airing that Birdman is losing his “Stunna Island” Mansion!

The MMG head honcho Rick Ross, is relishing in the moment that Birdman is getting his well deserved karma. We can basically say this is the follow up to Rosays “Idols Become Rivals” hit album where he publicly aired-out of Birdman left the hip-hop community. Read on to see the latest…

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Miranda Kerr Katy Perry selfie

Miranda Kerr + Katy Perry Selfie; What Does This Mean

OK! Katy Perry is dating Orlando Bloom, but Katy Perry is hanging with Miranda Kerr talking selfies, Miranda Kerr is the ex-wife of Orlando Bloom? What does this all mean?

Flip and get the latest tea on Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry taking selfies on the flip…

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Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna Puts Pregnancy Rumors on Pause

Rumors have been circulating that Blac Chyna was pregnant by Rob Kardashians, but now Blac Chyna Puts Pregnancy Rumors on Pause!!!

Flip to get the drop from Blac Chyna….

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