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Brennan Clay Dishes More Dirt on DeMarco Murray


Brennan Clay Dishes More Dirt on DeMarco Murray!?!

Just when you thought it might be over, you thought wrong because Brennan Clay Dishes More Dirt on DeMarco Murray revealing some of the tweets his wife received.

You would think he would keep this under wraps, but apparently NOT since he’s been going public like a Real Housewives of Atlanta star.



Former Oklahoma running back Brennan Clay tweeted on Sunday that his wife Gina D’Agostini was cheating on him with Cowboys running back Demarco Murray.Tonight he posted a photo of what he says is a text message conversation between Murray and D’Agostini from October, after Clay had flown to San Diego to workout for the Chargers, via 4UMF.com

Take a look at the Tweets:

Brennan-Clay-Posts-Sext-Messages-From-His-Wife-And-DeMarco-Murray-1207-1 Brennan-Clay-Posts-Sext-Messages-From-His-Wife-And-DeMarco-Murray-1205-2a

Clay also posted a photo of D’Agostini’s contacts, where Murray is listed as “Spray Tan.”




When a woman is this sneaky she needs to be cut from the team!


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Marshawn Lynch Swings Bag At A Paparazzo


Marshawn Lynch Swings Bag At A Paparazzo!!!

Don’t ask Seattle Seahawks RB “Beast Mode” aka Marshawn Lynch or he will attack since Marshawn Lynch Swings Bag At A Paparazzo.

Riding off the reports that the Seahawks aren’t happy with Marshawn Lynch, TMZ dropped this Oct. 7 clip of Lynch swinging his bag at a guy asking him a question.

This is funny more than anything, because Lynch’s swing sucks. His headphones and hat fall off as he whiffs, which just seems to make him pissed.

What makes this post relevant is the simple fact that Lynch’s antics may get his a one way ticket off the team.

Could a trade be eminent for Beast Mode?

Here is what CelebNMusic247.com has learned about the Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch, who is not on the trading block just yet.

Word is, the organization including Lynch do not expect the running back to be on the roster in 2015, according to sources.

The organization has grown tired of his ways, including pulling a no-show at the White House Super Bowl ceremony, his training camp holdout and his possible contribution to locker-room distractions.

Marshawn Lynch doesn’t expect to be with Seattle next season — and the team feels the same way, sources say.

He might have been available for a trade by Tuesday’s deadline, sources said, but fullback Derrick Coleman broke his foot in last week’s loss to the Rams, causing backup running back Robert Turbin to be moved into a fullback role.

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Cardinals RB Jonathan Dwyer Pleads Not Guilty


Cardinals RB Jonathan Dwyer Pleads Not Guilty

Arizona Cardinals RB Jonathan Dwyer pleads NOT GUILTY to charges which stem from allegations that he beat the crap out of his wife and threw a shoe at his 17-month-old son.

CelebNMusic247.com previously reported on running back Jonathan Dwyer, who was arrested on Sept. 17th after his wife told police that he went totally ballistic on her back in July.

Dwyer’s wife told cops he headbutted her in the face, threatened to kill her, punched her in the face with a closed fist … and also fired the shoe at their child.

But Dwyer says it’s all BS — and moments ago, plead not guilty to felony aggravated assault and eight misdemeanors, including assault, criminal damage and disorderly conduct.

Dwyer is due back in court in November.


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