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Nicki Minaj Choose Career Over Safaree


Nicki Minaj Choose Career Over Safaree!

It appears that Nicki Minaj had to make some hard choices when it came to being an accomplished in the hip hop game, Nicki Minaj Choose Career Over Safaree.

Nicki Minaj’s split from on and off again boyfriend Safaree Samuels has been a nasty one, but in a new special for MTV she reveals she actually turned down his proposal for the sake of her music career.


VH1 writes:

On her song “All Things Go”, Minaj addresses having an abortion in high school with her then boyfriend Aaron at 15:

“My child with Aaron would’ve have been 16 any minute.” According to Billboard, the rapper speaks on the loss of her unborn child in her upcoming documentary, saying, “We made a terrible mistake. We had to pay for it. I always felt like my destiny was to be accomplished in my career first, and then be a mother.” She also talks about being in a relationship for 11 years with (now ex-boyfriend) Safaree Samuels and how she turned down his proposal to devote her energy to the hip hop game.

The public is so used to seeing the fearless side of Minaj that viewers will be completely taken back by the secrets, people and events she has decided to reveal in My Time Again, which aired on Sunday, January 18th at 10pm/9C.

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Snoop Dogg Became A Grandpa


Snoop Dogg Became A Grandpa?!?

On Saturday West Coast rapper family is growing since Snoop Dogg became a grandpa since his Corde Broadus and his baby momma Jessica, welcomed a baby boy to the family.

Congratulations to Snoop, Corde and Jessica the father of the year is also starring on Snoop & Son a 5 Part Series on ESPN with his other son Cordell Broadus.


Here’s the 411:

The 43-year-old rapper Snoop Dogg is a first-time grandfather.

The Drop It Like It’s Hot hitmaker’s son, Corde Broadus and his baby momma Jessica, welcomed a baby boy on Saturday.

In a message on Instagram.com, Broadus writes, “Happy EarthDay Zion.”

The rapper reportedly missed his grandson’s birth, but posted a message on Instagram, which read: “Zion… Can’t wait to meet u baby dogg!! My 1st grandson!! The saga continues.”

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Kid Cudi Responds To Lupe Fiasco


Kid Cudi Responds To Lupe Fiasco!!!

Yesterday, Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco BLAST Scott Mescudi and now Kid Cudi Responds To Lupe Fiasco.

In case you missed the lashing from Lupe Fiasco [Click Here] when he went in on Kid Cudi for talking down to black people. Today, CelebNMusic247.com caught wind of Kid Cudi CLAPPING BACK at Lupe.


Check the Tweets:

Kid-cudi-responds-to-lupe-fiasco-0111-1 Kid-cudi-responds-to-lupe-fiasco-0111-2 Kid-cudi-responds-to-lupe-fiasco-0111-3 Kid-cudi-responds-to-lupe-fiasco-0111-4 Kid-cudi-responds-to-lupe-fiasco-0111-5 Kid-cudi-responds-to-lupe-fiasco-0111-6

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