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Rapper Cash OUT

THOT Puts Atlanta Rapper CASH OUT On Blast

Now many people are still asking who is Cash Out, but now thanks to a THOT who just put Atlanta rapper CASH OUT on BLAST, you might know who he is!!!

Wait until you see what a THOT just did to rapper Cash Out on the flip…

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                                  IG Shuts Down #EggPlantFriday


IG Shuts Down #EggPlantFriday?!?

What the hell Instagram we aren’t asking for much! This just took the fun out of Friday‘s since IG Shuts Down #EggPlantFriday!

This is OUTRAGEOUS that Twitter would have #EggPlantFriday removed from their site. There is NOTHING wrong with Chris Brown, B.O.B, Cash Out or Game showing their chocolate bars through a pair of sweats.

Yes it may have been a little nasty, but there are plenty of ladies in the world who NEEDED #EggPlantFriday’s to put a smile on their face. And now Twitter has taken steps to kill rap fans fantasies.

Wait until you read this…

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