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Amanda Seales Airs Russell Simmons Dirty Laundry

Amanda Seales Airs Russell Simmons Dirty Laundry

Earlier today we told you that Russell Simmons is the latest CEO to be added to the list of sexual assault and insensitive misconduct in entertainment.

What we didn’t tell you is that Amanda Seales has come forward to put a name to the producer she was speaking to a while back. Read on…

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Watch Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Totally Uncomfortable Apology

Watch Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Totally Uncomfortable Apology

Lucky news for dog smugglers Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Skating out of a 10 year jail sentence, did you see Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Totally Uncomfortable Apology?!?

Flip and find out what we are talking about when it comes to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard…

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Taylor Swift The Ambassador of New York


Taylor Swift The Ambassador of New York???

Taylor Swift has just barked up the wrong tree and now has ALL of New York HATING her since someone thought to have Taylor Swift The Ambassador of New York!

Who came up with this bullsh-t?

We don’t live in New York anymore, but this is OUTRAGEOUS bull poop! It’s as bad as forcing us to eat a Snickers bar claiming that its the last bit of food on the planet, and if we don’t eat the candy we will die.

We choose death, because this is some stinky icky poop that the PSA is trying to be shoved in our mouths about Taylor Swift and her whimsical overly nice “Welcome to New York”video about what makes New York. Does she even know New York. New Yorkers are a breed all their own. They are focused, real people who are straight up from the jump.

There are so many better choices than a fluffy Taylor Swift who comes off like she doesn’t believe what she is throwing in the PSA “Welcome to New York.” #UncomfortableMuch

Taylor Swift’s single “Welcome to New York,” plays in the background while she slips us a generic, flat, and lifeless a New York that would make everyone in the Big Apple want to leap off the Brooklyn Bridge to save their dignity.

New York, the mecca of the world, the hub of the art movement, comedic genius, culture, the 5 burroughs (The Bronx – Birthplace of Hip Hop, Brooklyn – Prospect Park, Nets basketbal, Mahattan – The home of the Museums, Queens – Taste Foods From Around the Globe, Staten Island – Home of Mob Wives) the cities Most popular districts (little Italy, Soho, Tribecca, Chelsea, Upper Eastside, Broadway, Battery Park) The Brooklyn Bridge, The Statue of Liberty, It’s History (the legendary CBGB’s the punk movement, the Stonewall riots), it’s 3 villages (West, East, Greenwish) and many more.

Instead Taylor candy coats NYC with cloyingly sweet nothingness with her new PSA that makes us sick to our stomachs. All in all, Taylor Swift, who has only lived in NYC for 6 months, has an idea of New York that is as boring as any rich, sheltered person’s dream of fluffy white clouds laced with limo drivers, high heels and Amex black card’s. She comes off like an empty shell who is reading que cards that she has no idea what they mean.

Oh wait she is reading cue cards that she has no idea what they mean because she NOT a real New Yorker like Sarah Jessica Parker, Alicia Keys, the over media-saturated Jay Z, Donald Trump, Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal, or the acting legend Robert DeNiro. Instead we get a non-fat, blonde haired gluten free Taylor Swift to rep New York.

Lets us not forget that Swift, 24, who just bought a 20 million dollar condo in Tribecca, was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Nashville. Yeah she a good choice.

Doesn’t she just make you want to spit on the street?

Obviously Youtube.com has understood our point because the video has been pulled.

However, we have this video about Taylor being inspired by NYC, but it’s NOT the PSA we are talking about above – video via Daily Mail:

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