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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Stevie J indicted


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Stevie J indicted!?!

Everything always comes around full circle and now Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Stevie J is learning the hard was about fatherhood since Stevie J indicted.

Mr Jordan aka Stevie J is getting a quick dose on how to be a better father and now Stevie is facing 2-years in prison following a grand jury indictment for ducking out on over $1M in child support.


TMZ first reported … Stevie J was thrown in jail last June for allegedly bailing on $8,500 a month in child support for 2 of his kids … since 2001. Total unpaid child support — $1,107,412.

Even though the grand jury’s indicted him … Stevie won’t be arraigned on the charges until Feb. 10 in NYC. He’s got other problems at the moment.

Stevie’s doing a 30-day stint in a rehab facility after repeatedly violating probation by testing positive for weed and blow.


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Love & Hip Hop NY Recap: Relationships Questioned


Love & Hip Hop NY Recap: Relationships Questioned!?!

On Love & Hip Hop NY Relationships are Questioned when it comes to Peter and Amina while Erica and Cyn’s relationship comes crumbling down.

Here is what went down on Love and Hip Hop New York:

Peter Gunz gets caught red handed having lunch with Tara and the boys when Amina pulls up. She confronts Peter asking him what is going on. She is completely hurt by him because he stood her up. She breaks down and ends up sitting on the curb. Peter tried to speak with her, but he gets nowhere so he leaves her. Tara tells Peter that you NEVER leave a lady on the curb like that so she goes to console Amina, making sure she is alright.

Amina gets up and gets back in her SUV and drives off.


Across town Yandy and Mendeeces are blissfully in love and getting back into shape again. Mendeecess says he gains weight behind bars and Yandy ate too much in Vegas.

Here is a clip of the Check Yourself video as Yandy and Mendeecees talk about their postponed wedding and their promise tattoos inked at Black Ink. Meanwhile, Rich and Cisco react to their pivotal episode 3 moments.

Rich schools Cisco on how he is wrong for misleading Diamond who flew across the country to go to the next step with Cisco. She feels like she is a fool and Cisco hasn’t been too helpful in changing her feelings.

Across town Erica meets up with her homie to figure out what to do about Cyn and that is when she finds out Cyn was spotted with a dude driving her car. The next day the two meet up to talk about working on their relationship and the photos Cyn saw Erica’s IG. The two meet for a lunch date, but things go from calm to heated to scotching hot as Erica and Cyn start throwing accusations at each other about cheating. [Watch Erica and Cyn’s heated argument HERE]

Cyn obviously has major trust issues with Mena, but she doesn’t care about that, Erica wants to know who is the dude driving Santana’s car. Things get uglier by the second and the heated discussion turns a yelling match to Erica laying hands on Cyn. the two fight and security breaks them up. Cyn is shocked that Erica hit her face, while Mena yells out to Cyn, “Your dead to me…it’s done!”

Meanwhile, Amina has a realization that Peter cares about Tara and the boys more about starting a family with her. She confronts him about being with Tara and all he has to say is “I know” and “I’m working on it.” Amina is having pregnancy troubles because the baby is NOT growing in her stomach because she is so stressed. Peter feels guilty about stressing Amina out so he says that he will work on trying to come hone every night. Amina turns her cheek because she doesn’t believe him.

Over in Brooklyn, Cisco realizes that Rich Dollaz is right that he screwed up with Diamond. Diamond moved across the country for him only to find out that he decided to cancel her last week. But Cisco is wrong because he hasn’t been truthful to Diamond, by not telling her that he has a baby boy while they were dating.  He meets with his mother to talk about growing up in an abusive upbringing, which he feels is why he shuts out women when things get too real for him or they get too close. He and his mother have a heart to heart about his mother being lost and abused.

Then Yandy goes to lunch with Tara only to find out about the drama with Amina and that she and Peter are planning a trip to romantic Barbados with the kids. Yandy quickly tells Tara that she is fooling herself and only hurting the situation. She tells Tara that she is setting herself up for a fall and this whole trip thing is a big mistake. Tara keeps saying its for the boys, but Yandy sees right through it. She tells Tara that she’s NOT over Peter and she NEEDS to break it off.

Over and the nail Boutique in Brooklyn, Erica admits to a mutual friend Rashidah Ali that she and Cyn have broke up and that she hit her in the face. She wants to fix things with Cyn, but she’s NOT sure how to do it. Rashidah give her a dose of real talk and tells her to fix it!

Over in Harlem, Mendeecees and Yandy to stop by Black Ink to prove their love to each other by inking themselves by kina andQueen of Black Ink, Caesar and Dutchess. (Shameless Plug). Once again it’s another romantic moment for the engaged couple. Yandy got an ring tattoo while Mendz got Yandy’s name on his wrist.

Over at Amina’s baby shower Erica and Cyn take a moment to try to work things out. Erica apologizes to Cyn, admitting that she loves her and that she wants to be a better person for Cyn. But Cyn feels it’s too late and that too much has happened. It’s a shocking moment that Erica wears her heart on her sleave, but its too late as Cyn has taken a step back and needs to see Erica prove it.

After speaking with his mother and taking her advice Cisco tries to patch things up with Diamond by offering her a peace offering, which ends up floating in the Hudson.

Diamond quickly pulls out her ratchet card and throws his Teddy Bear offering in the Hudson River (Hello Littering?). She tells him that his peace offering should be diamonds instead of a Teddy Bear.

Check it:

Over in NYC Cisco hold a welcome party for his girl Diamond because he wants to prove he’s ready to take it to the next step with her. But the happy moment is taken down a notch when he wants to reveal his big secret. She doesn’t want to talk in the club, but he persists. Cisco admits that he didn’t think that he and Diamond were going to end up dating but he drops the hammer that he has a 6-year-old son. Diamond looses it and when she confronts him on who the b-tch is, Cisco says that its the “mother of his daughter.” And all she can say is that he cheated on her.

Let’s take a time out and realize that he was still with his baby mama while he was dating her in a long-term relationship. Let’s be real, if you are in a long-term relationship you NEED to know that you are together with you are in the same cit

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Looking Is Back For An Electrified Season 2

Looking Is Back For An Electrified Season 2!

Season 2 of HBO’s hit series Looking Is Back For An Electrified Season 2 and this time buckle your seat belts because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Last year fans of Looking were introduced to the experiences of three close friends living and loving in modern-day San Francisco. The show is about gay life in San Francisco in a real aspect. Like its predecessors “Queer As Folk,” Looking is a bit more real when it comes to showing how men in the life live.


Throw away the cliche’s, the stereotypes and the images portrayed on network TV on what is a gay man. Looking is about friends who happen to be gay men, trying to live their lives, build relationships, find love and succeed in their career. This is NOT a prefabricated series on what “gay life” depicted on Logo.

It’s about the guys in the world who are open, but not running around screaming “hey I’m gay”. The show is one of the best on TV and we are happy to see the return of Looking, which returns to Sunday nights on HBO January 11 at 10PM.

What can we expect for season 2 of Looking?

Well take a look as this season seems to be about finding one self, discovery, moving on, settling down and realizing the truth of what one wants out of life.

Stars: Patrick Murray (Jonathan Groff), Agustín (Frankie J. Alvarez), Dom (Murray Bartlett), Doris (Lauren Weedman), Richie Ventura (Raúl Castillo),  Kevin Matheson (Russell Tovey), Lynn (Scott Bakula) and more….

Creator: Michael Lannan

Looking Season 2 premieres Sunday, January 11 at 10PM.

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