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Brennan Clay Dishes More Dirt on DeMarco Murray


Brennan Clay Dishes More Dirt on DeMarco Murray!?!

Just when you thought it might be over, you thought wrong because Brennan Clay Dishes More Dirt on DeMarco Murray revealing some of the tweets his wife received.

You would think he would keep this under wraps, but apparently NOT since he’s been going public like a Real Housewives of Atlanta star.



Former Oklahoma running back Brennan Clay tweeted on Sunday that his wife Gina D’Agostini was cheating on him with Cowboys running back Demarco Murray.Tonight he posted a photo of what he says is a text message conversation between Murray and D’Agostini from October, after Clay had flown to San Diego to workout for the Chargers, via 4UMF.com

Take a look at the Tweets:

Brennan-Clay-Posts-Sext-Messages-From-His-Wife-And-DeMarco-Murray-1207-1 Brennan-Clay-Posts-Sext-Messages-From-His-Wife-And-DeMarco-Murray-1205-2a

Clay also posted a photo of D’Agostini’s contacts, where Murray is listed as “Spray Tan.”




When a woman is this sneaky she needs to be cut from the team!


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2 Chainz Confessions of A Former Drug Dealer

2 Chainz Confessions of A Former Drug Dealer-829-3

(CelebNMusic247-News2 Chainz Confessions of A Former Drug Dealer

More details have emerged from 2 Chainz Oklahoma City arrest following the release of a police affidavit where he expresses disappointment in his drug dealing past!

The arrest took place last week but details in the arrest of 2 Chainz are beginning to surface thanks to the release of a police affidavit filed on Monday (August 26).

According to Yahoo News, the affidavit states that the police officer involved first “smelled an overwhelming odor of marijuana” when the door to the tour bus was opened by the vehicle’s driver, Sedric A. Brooks. The officer then witnessed what he says was “smoke inside the bus around the door.”

To recap:

Following the Oklahoma City officer’s observations, he then attempted to board the bus, but was unable to after Brooks’ “quickly” closed the door.

One passenger onboard 2 Chainz’ tour bus then presented a miniature copy of the U.S. Constitution when asked by authorities to get off the bus.

Due to the unwillingness of the passenger’s to get off the vehicle, it was then towed to a police training facility. At this point, those on the bus were forced to evacuate due to a search warrant.

2 Chainz and the others on the bus were then arrested and charged with obstructing a police officer.

The entire incident took place on the morning of August 22 shortly after the “Feds Watching” rapper took part in Lil Wayne & T.I.’s America’s Most Wanted Tour.

Although 2 Chainz may have found himself in quite the legal debacle due to the tour bus incident, the rapper was still present at the Atlanta album listening party for B.O.A.T.S. 2: Me Time this week. 2 Chainz may have been in high spirits during his listening party, but during an interview taped shortly after, the Southside emcee seemed regretful as he reminisced on his days selling drugs.

2 Chainz explians to Nitecap With Peter Bailey:

“When you on the block or when you trying to feed your family, in the case that we were doing, you don’t realize how ill it is.”

“How wrong it is. You know what I mean? I remember, when we used to start thinking ‘Crack is wack. We need to stop.’ I remember when it finally hit us, but I remember—like today, just before my listening party I had a bunch of my friends over from the past and we just reminisced about when we did this. Like it don’t seem real.”

2 Chainz’ full interview with Peter Bailey below:

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2 Chainz Bus Towed 7 Arrested For Drugs



(CelebNMusic247-News2 Chainz Bus Towed 7 Arrested For Drugs

Rapper 2 Chainz was among 11 people arrested Thursday after his tour bus was pulled over in Oklahoma City for a traffic violation that led to a showdown with police.

Earlier on Wednesday night 2 Chainz  performed along with Lil Wayne and T.I. at a concert at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

Just after midnight Thursday (Aug 22), police pulled over 2 Chainz’ tour bus at Interstate 40 and Meridian for a broken taillight.

Here’s the drop:

The officer suspected there were illegal drugs on the bus, but the driver locked the doors and refused to let police inside. Everyone on board also refused to leave the bus.

Police had the tour bus towed, with the people still on board, to the police trainingfacility at 850 N. Portland until officers obtained a warrant to search the bus.

Several hours later, the people on board the bus who initially refused to open the doors were taken off the vehicle and arrested. All 11 were booked into the Oklahoma County jail for a state misdemeanor charge of obstruction.

Officers searched the vehicle. Police have not said what they found during the search. Check the video here…

Maybe 2 Chainz should clean his act up a bit?

Check the photos:


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