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Country Singer John Rich is PISSED at Marvel


Country Singer John Rich is PISSED at Marvel!?!

Country Singer John Rich is PISSED at Marvel after his 3 and 4 year old sons both burst into tears shortly after the Marvel Live Show started.

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that Country singer John Rich is PISSED at Marvel because the live show is NOT as kid friendly as they claim to be, according to John. He is claiming that it RUINED a great father sons day.


Here is what Rich revealed to TMZ:

Rich says his 3 and 4 year old sons had been looking forward to “Marvel Universe LIVE!” for months … but both burst into tears shortly after it started — due to “loud explosions and aggressive audio.”

The country singer tells us pyrotechnics are set off extremely close to the front row — multiple times — and it scared the crap out of his kids so bad he had to take them home 15 minutes into “M.U.L.”

He adds, “They [Marvel] should warn people before you drop a few hundred bucks to get your kids all hyped up. Really disappointed us.”

The website for the show does warn there will be loud noises and “safe” pyrotechnics.

However, a rep for Marvel says:

“We take into consideration the ages and sensitivities of all our audiences when producing our shows, and we apologize if Mr. Rich felt the special effects were too loud.”

No offence to John, but maybe his kids are too young for something like Marvel. Were there other kids crying like his?


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Kevin Durrant Gives Emotional Speech to His Mother


Kevin Durrant Gives Emotional Speech to His Mother

Kevin Durrant has just won over every mom in the world as the perfect son who loves his mother. His MVP speech is truly emotional.

Kevin Durant cries during his MVP acceptance speech and talks about his teammates, Russell Westbrook and his faith in God.

Warning ladies and gents this joint is emotional like a mug – expect to cry, so get some tissues!


We love you Kevin Durrant.

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Danny Granger Traded by Pacers


Danny Granger Traded by Pacers

There was a big Change up in the NBA since Pacers forward Danny Granger got swapped out for Evan Turner of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Looks like Evan Turner is heading to Indiana. Now you’ll have to figure out how to get minutes for him and Andrew Bynum.


This is definitely a wrinkle for the Indiana Pacers. I really hope this doesn’t affect the chemistry of this team because guys really liked Danny Granger. So beyond this trade, you have to look at some concerns for the team and how they’ve played lately.

They’ve been down the middle with their play lately, even counting last night’s bad loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. I thought coming out of the break, this team would put it back together to where they started. I’ve also said that maybe the team peaked too soon with that furious start. But then you look at the standings, and see the Pacers sitting in first place in the division and conference, which is where they want to be.

You could say as well that even with Miami and Oklahoma City looking just as good, no one is that dominant to the point, where you can have the odds on favorite to win the title. We’ve seen what Miami can do in their previous championship seasons, where they were able to turn it on. But I don’t know if they’ve flipped that switch yet.

For the Indiana Pacers, I think that switch needs to be flipped on soon. You still have those two games with Miami to really put a lock on that first spot in the East, which is where the Pacers have talked about being. Now the talk is over, and the actions need to start speaking more.


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