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Teresa Giudice Hiring A Nanny


Teresa Giudice Hiring A Nanny!?!

The countdown to Teresa Giudice lock down in two weeks which means the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star is leaving her 4 daughters in Joe Giudice’s care.

Well it seems that Teresa has been having second thoughts so she has a plan B, since Joe might need a little help with the girls. See she’s worried about Joe managing everything in her absence. Rumors of divorce have swirled, but a source says Teresa and Joe’s marriage is fine, they are just trying to juggle the stressful situations they’re currently dealing with – mainly Teresa’s worries that Joe won’t be able to fulfill the full-time parenting role.

Teresa is turning to her mother and sister to help Joe Giudice. A source revealed that “they are going through a rough time right now.”


Here is what we are hearing via an insider shares with People:

“Teresa may have to hire someone to help care of the children. I know she is displeased that he is not taking any initiative to learn the girls’ routines. They have a lot of activities.”

Still Teresa is still “in love” with Joe. “She never says anything derogatory about him,” the source adds.

Well…errrr… OK!

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Kirk Frost Wants to Break In New Nanny


Kirk Frost Wants to Break In New Nanny

Yo Kirk Frost, Rasheeda ain’t cool with NO side chicks and this girl has her eyes set on his swizzle stick!

See, Kirk Frost is still up to his old tricks bringing a waitress home from the bar he frequents to make her his new nanny for baby Carter. The only problem is he NEVER asked Rasheeda about it.

The ish hits the fans when Ra comes home to find Kirk on the couch with a hot young college girl.  Rasheeda gets TURNT UP when she finds out Kirk is out there telling people that they’re separated!

Benzino and Stevie J warned Kirk NOT to bring the girl home, because she was going to be trouble. When the girl tells Rasheeda that she thought that they were separated, living together but co-parenting Rasheeda flies off the handle, demanding her baby back and asking the girl to leave her home.

CelebNMusic247.com agrees with Rasheeda 100%, because Frost’s wandering eye has wandered on down to a 22-year-college student named Jasmine, which he feels would be a perfect fit. He compliments her giving him hard stiff drinks, but we feel the insinuation was talking about something else of his getting hard and stiff.

Kirk your name is about to become mud again! Last season Kirk had a three-way and now he’s trying to bed a young college coed?

Really man? Rasheeda is fine, why can’t he see what he has in front of his face.

Check it:

Why does Kirk Frost think that hiring some young college girl is the answer?

Messy Kirk, messy!!!

Kirk and Stevie J discus hiring a hot babysitter for baby Karter, while Karlie looks back at real estate agent who slept with her man.


Kirk is becoming a dawg?

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Usher Getting Sued By Nanny

513-Usher Getting Sued By Nanny -1

(CelebNMusic247-NewsUsher Getting Sued By Nanny

According to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Usher has secretly been stiffing his nanny and we ain’t talking about his kielbasa!

Apparently The Voice judge is being sued by his nanny, Cecilia Duncan, who claims Usher hired her as a part-time nanny back in December 2010 and she worked her ass off caring for his two sons (aged 4 and 5) often exceeding 40 hours per week.

Here’s the drop:

According to the lawsuit, Cecilia felt like she was being overworked without being paid overtime … and expressed her concerns to Usher in 2011 that she was being shafted.

Cecilia says Usher ignored her complaints for more than a year … and finally fired her ass last September without paying her overtime money.

She’s now suing for wrongful termination, failure to pay wages, and more — demanding unspecified damages. Sources close to the lawsuit tell us she wants in the six-figure range.Read more:

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