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Joe Budden: Eminem's "Untouchable" is "One Of The Worst Records"

Joe Budden: Eminem’s “Untouchable” is “One Of The Worst Records”

Joe Budden didn’t hold back on Eminem’s latest efforts, the New York rapper dubs “Untouchable” is “One Of The Worst Records”!

Read on to see what else Joe Budden had to say and Eminem’s new music…

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Killa Cam'Ron FIRES BACK at Mase with Diss Track

Killa Cam’Ron FIRES BACK at Mase “Let’s Play N—a”

You knew Cam’ron was not gonna let go that easy! Early this morning, Cam is FIRING back at Mase for releasing a diss track called “The Oracle.”

The diss track by Mase rips Cam’Ron to pieces with facts and two decades of history between hip hop artists. Read on to see what the resurrected Killa Cam just dropped…

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Meek Mill Moved to Gen Pop in Prison

Meek Mill Moved to Gen Pop in Prison

Earlier this week Meek Mill attorneys demanded to be removed from solitary confinement for fear it would wreak havoc on his mental state. Well, it worked because Meek Mill moved to Gen Pop in prison.

Read on about Meek Mill being moved into general population at a new prison…

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