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Drita Gives Props To Nat DiDonato


Drita Gives Props To Nat DiDonato!!!

Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo is a woman of class, she is all about trust & standing up and owning it so Drita Gives Props To Natalie DiDonato.

When it comes to Mob Wive newbie Drita D’Avanzo gives Natalie DiDonato her props for keeping her truth and doing what she said she was going to do. Though she felt sorry for Natalie Guercio, she stated that Nat G NEVER did anything to her, but she wanted to see her face the music with Nat D and own it, instead she was exit stage left.

She gives props to Natalie DiDonato tweeting:


Drita followed her comments weighing in on cop vs rats. Then she adds her thoughts on her former close friend Carla and the elephant segment of the reunion.

She explains:


After The Mob Wives Trust No One Reunion Pt 2 is over and apparently Drita has learned that the tape that Natalie DiDonato revealed on season 6 was a fake.

Being the stand up Mob Wife that she is, The Lady Boss aka Drita took to social media to admit her wrong tweeting Natalie Guercio:

She states:


In additional news Lee and Drita are officially a Great Uncle and Great Aunt. She shared the happy news on her account:

“Lee n I are officially a Great Uncle n Great Aunt! Yayyyy i love babies. .. #GodsGift Congratulations…”

Drita-lee-great-aunt-and uncle-0318-1

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Mob Wives Finale Recap: The Natalie’s Face Off


Mob Wives Finale Recap: The Natalie’s Face Off

It the long-awaited Ratalie And Fraudalie Showdown but instead Mob Wives Finale Recap when The Natalie’s Face Off , went from build up to chicken.

Mob Wives promised a showdown between the two Natalies of South Philly (Natalie Guercio and Natalie DiDonato) but instead we got a whimper. The two women have divided the Staten Island wives over the course of the season. Now, the jury has spoken and all but one of the wives have decided that Natalie Guercio is a rat and has got to go.

Here’s the setup:

The whole episode was a wrap up as well as a lead up to Renee Graziano’s baptismal party. She is getting a fresh start on life since she is back in good graces with the girls (Drita, Big Ang, Carla, Karen and even Natalie G). Renee helps her son AJ pick out a ring for his girlfriend of 3 years, because he loves her.


Meanwhile, Natalie G and London head over to one of his boys studios. He is shooting a prisoner catalog of items for the inmates and they hired Natalie to be the pin up girl for the catalog.

Take a look:


After her spiritual cleanse, Renee (naturally) decides to have a party and invite all the people who made her want a spiritual cleanse to begin with: The Natalie’s and all the wives and their boyfriends. Oh but don’t worry guys, there won’t be any fighting, Renee says, clairvoyantly.

She promises:

“I’m bolting the tables to the floor.”

Meanwhile, Natalie D is back with her on-and-off boyfriend and is gearing up to do some re-sculpturing on Natalie Guercio face. She at the gun range practicing her shooting and imagining Ratalie’s face on the target. Fraudalie is ready to EXPOSE her with the audio tape that she revealed to Drita who calls out Natalie as a straight up and bonafide RAT.

Not only is Drita ready to jump her and introduce her to her fist left and right…Natalie inviting a bunch of her friends to start some BS because she is aware Natalie DiDonato is gunning for her leaves a bad taste in Renee’s mouth. Apologies are in order from Natalie.


Karen is gearing up to help her father, who sacrificed his freedom for his kids, to get out of prison early.

Drita is on over-load ever since she heard the audio of Natalie Guercio talking ish about her and Big Ang. She feels like Boo Boo the Fool and is ready to pound out Ratalie’s potatoe head. She is seen taking boxing lesson, gearing of for a night of whoop ass at Renee’s party.

We finally get to Renee’s spiritual cleanse party at Staten Island’s Edgewater Hall, celebrating violence and cattiness and a perpetuation of mob mentality, we mean partying and celebrating a joyous occassion.

The whole episode leads up to the party. All is good, the ladies are all in the house and in walks Natalie Guercio. She is aware that something is going down since Big Ang and Drita have been giving her the cold shoulder and not calling. She decides to sneak  in her girls in case something goes down because she smells set up.

Talk a look at the freeze:

Let’s just keep in mind, Natalie G previously admitted to calling her ex’s parole officer to get him back into jail because he was abusing her.

Back to the party though. We didn’t actually hear the recording from last week that somehow proved Natalie G was a “rat.” We just saw Drita drop everything and head to the boxing gym, so presumably, it was incriminating.

But then she describes what Natalie said in the recording. It’s weak sauce if you ask me.

The conversation is between Natalie and her ex-boyfriend starts with him asking her. He also calls her a rat. Why, he asks?

“How could you do this to me?”

Her response:

“I don’t know, because I am.”

Things are awkward since Renee sat Drita and Ang with Natalie. She tries to talk to them but the serve her dust, but that is when Drita realizes that all the table behind Ratalie is full of her friends. Drita tells Renee, so she has security escort them out, but that is when Natalie leaves, making sure she is surrounded by all her friends.

Natalie D runs out after her but Ratalie quickly jumps into her car  and jets off. The ladies discuss how bad that looks. Natalie has just lost her friendships with Ang and Drita and has no one on her side.

They all call her a pussy and want NOTHING to do with her. Big Ang calls out Natalie for being DEAD WRONG and she NO LONGER wants to deal with her anymore:

Things are looking real ugly for Natalie…which leaves us hanging until Mob Wives season 6!

Thanks VH1.

Watch the FULL episode below:

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Twitter BLAST Natalie Guercio For Talking Trash


Twitter BLAST Natalie Guercio For Talking Trash!!!

Mob Wives Philly star Natalie Guercio is dealing with some major backlash after the fight that started to go down, but was stopped by security.

Big Ang tried to be the voice of reason telling Natalie to stop talking about Family, children or parenting skills – ALL that is off limits, but Ratalie will NOT listen. But the thick headed South Philly girl, Natalie is claiming that Karen hacked her Facebook posting a pic that she was bullied as a child because she was so ugly.

Karen denied that and we believe her.


Here is the tea, during Karen’s house warming poker party, Renee reveals that Natalie DiDonato is the one behind the hack and the photo…NOT Karen, that’s NOT her style. Renee says that Natalie has NO CLUE on who she NEEDS to watch out for!


All we will say is, Natalie has been making enemies every episode and things are going to get uglier, because tonight is just the beginning of the war!

Natalie comes off as a liar, because she always twists the story to make herself look good and NEVER owns up to any of her wrongs. #ZipItNatalie #MissUsWithThatSht

Later, Natalie and London are at the liquor store picking out drinks talking about Karen. Natalie is still trying to get acclimated to NYC while London asks if she would try to work things out. She says that Karen started it first. Admitting that she said all those nasty things about Karen because she is a fake @ss mobster. London thinks it will be good if they find a way to get along. That is when he asks about Renee and Natalie says that she would be cool with Renee if she apologized, the only problem is they both need to apologize, but neither of them will ever do that because to much has happened.

Anyways, after the episode aired Natalie once again jumped on social media claiming that she’s the victor, saying:

“Winner Winner all that talk about being ??GANGSTA??Yea you’re THE HAIR PULLING GANGSTA @vh1 #MobWives and I didn’t even Lose a Boob.”

The girl NEVER learns, and just keeps FIRING SHOTS…what the hell?

Here is the hair pulling fight that ignited a firestorm on Twitter:

Now, Mob Wives fans are taking sides and Natalie is getting hit hard by fans who are team Karen and it’s NOT pretty.

Check the tweets:

natalie-guercio-talking-trash-on-social-media-again-0129-3 natalie-guercio-talking-trash-on-social-media-again-0129-4 natalie-guercio-talking-trash-on-social-media-again-0129-5 natalie-guercio-talking-trash-on-social-media-again-0129-6 natalie-guercio-talking-trash-on-social-media-again-0129-7 natalie-guercio-talking-trash-on-social-media-again-0129-9 natalie-guercio-talking-trash-on-social-media-again-0129-11 natalie-guercio-talking-trash-on-social-media-again-0129-12 natalie-guercio-talking-trash-on-social-media-again-0129-13 natalie-guercio-talking-trash-on-social-media-again-0129-14 natalie-guercio-talking-trash-on-social-media-again-0129-15



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