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Judge Allows Mike The Situation A Plea Deal

Judge Allows Mike The Situation A Plea Deal-1026-1

Judge Allows Mike The Situation A Plea Deal

Yes it’s true, just momements ago a federal Judge Allows Mike The Situation A Plea Deal for his criminal case for physically attacking his brother, Frank.

Talk about being somewhat luck. The former Jersey Shore star was able to prove to a judge that his anger problems are no more and are now under control. CelebNMusic247.com has learned that judge who just cut him a big break in his criminal case for physically attacking his brother.

Here is what we are hearing via TMZ:

Sorrentino showed up in a New Jersey courtroom Monday with proof he completed a 12-week anger management program — this for the tanning salon attack. In return, the judge allowed Sitch to cop a plea to a petty offensedisorderly conduct. After paying a $506 fine, he walked out a free man.

Well, not exactly free. He’s being prosecuted for tax fraud … a felony.

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Mike The Situation Due In Court


Mike The Situation Due In Court!!!

Mike The Situation Due In Court today at Middletown Municipal Court to resolve a simple assault charge he faced over a summer scuffle with his brother Frank at their family tanning salon.

If you remember the former Jersey Shore star was ARRESTED back in July after he and his brother got into a throw down fight at Boca Tanning Club on June 17. Following his arrest Sorrentino agreed to attend a private 12-week anger management program to have the charge downgraded to a lesser violation.

CelebNMusic247.com previously reported that Mike Sorrentino, 32, was charged with simple assault and released after posting $500 bail. The dispute came just two weeks after several employees at the salon filed police reports claiming their paychecks had bounced. The Sorrentinos paid the employees, each of whom was owed between $100 and $200, in time to avoid criminal complaints being filed, according to Middletown Police Det. Lt. Stephen Dollinger.

That was only the beginning of a string of legal troubles for Sorrentino, who recently reached a settlement with a former attorney who alleged the reality TV star owed his firm more than $30,000 in legal fees.

So to get this straight for anyone reading this – Mike got in a fight with Frank and the was charged with tax fraud with his brother Marc. Way to take down both of you kin Mike. Good going.

Then in September The Situation was charged Mike and his brother Marc with conspiring to defraud the U.S. and filing false tax returns for the years 2010 through 2012. Apparently, Sorrentino and Marc did not properly pay taxes on $8.9 million in income the “Jersey Shore” alum earned through promotional activities and endorsements, according to federal prosecutor.

Since then, the brothers pleaded not guilty last week at their arraignment in U.S. District Court to the charges and a trial date has been set for Dec. 2.  – But that’s NOT all, also in September Mike was asked to lay off the booze and to get his life in order.   Currently Mike is free on $250,000 bail, but he MUST abstain from alcohol and restrict his travel to New Jersey and New York, according to the conditions of his bail.

Which brings us to Today, as Mike The Situation is due in court today to prove completion of anger management program.

Luckily for The Sitch a federal judge delayed last week’s arraignment by two weeks so Sorrentino and his fiancée, Lauren Pesce, could film the WE tv reality series “Marriage Boot Camp” which they’re filming in LA from Oct. 5 to 19.

We will keep you posted on The Situation and his legal drama….

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Mike The Situation Order To Stay Off The Booze

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Mike The Situation Order To Stay Off The Booze!!!

Mike Sorrentino won’t be celebrating his release from jail with a beer or a glass of wine Since Mike The Situation Order To Stay Off The Booze

CelebNMusic247.com previously reported on Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and his brother being indicted for tax fraud Wednesday morning. They turned themselves in to federal authorities in NJ. Mike has since been released on $250,000 bond.

Now, The Situation has just found himself in a bit of a bind since a federal judge has ordered him to lay off booze and drugs as a condition of his release. See Mike will also be subject to random drug testing, and is prohibited from drinking any alcohol … pending his trial.

Mike’s attorney says the sobriety condition was put in place because Mike went to rehab back in 2012 for pain pills.

Sitch claims he’s been clean since rehab, anyway … so it shouldn’t be an issue. He also has to surrender his passports and can’t leave New York or New Jersey without permission.


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