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Michael Jai White Talks Furthering his Career and Brand

Michael Jai White Talks Furthering his Career and Brand

Michael Jai White is talking about being able to follow his dreams as an actor and being a martial artist. He’s been able to accomplish his goals and more.

From “Spawn” to “Why Did I Get Married”, Michael Jai White has been able to be a diverse actor and now he’s expanding his brand. Read on…

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Chocolate City Lacks The Magic of Mike


Chocolate City Lacks The Magic of Mike!!!

We watched Chocolate City a few weeks ago and we had high hopes for the Chocolate Magic Mike but instead Chocolate City Lacks The Magic of Mike.

We will try NOT to be too harsh about the ALL black male strip movie, but the preview was so much better than the movie.

Chocolate City city follows Michael McCoy (Robert Ri’chard) a struggling college student who meets the owner of a male strip club, Princeton, (Michael Jai White) in the bathroom. After a quick look up and down Mike is offered a job, little does he know it’s stripping on amateur night. His life is structured around a religious mother, Katherine McCoy, played by Vivica A Fox. The bills are stacking up and after he learns his that the power company is going to cut his mom’s electric, he considers the gig. He talks to his dead beat brother, Chris McCoy (DeRay Davis) who convinces him to strip on amateur night.


The film starts off great and then the momentum is instantly killed with an over the top church scene that is like having a hammer hit the moral of the story over your head a hundred times. From that point the film starts to nose dive.

The only thing that saves the film are all the muscled hunks that his the stage like (Darrin Henson) who has one sexy @ss dance routine before he gets cut from the crew to make space for the club’s hottest new commodity, Mike aka “Sexy Chocolate.” Unlike Magic Mike, Chocolate City has too many close-ups on the strippers during their routines (the strip scenes are lackluster). And why couldn’t the lead have a different name instead of Mike, it just comes off like Chocolate City is biting off Magic Mike too much,=.

Hopefully if there is a Chocolate City 2, director Jean Claude Lamarre gets a better director of photography.

Then to make the film suck even more, the strip scenes a flaccid, starting off with Ginuwine reenacting his “Pony” video routine from back in the day. Followed by a series of poorly shot sequence of strippers from one angle. It was one-dimensional and didn’t build any enthusiasm. (Next time study how Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL films the strip scenes).

The only time it was worth watching Chocolate City is when professional stripper Bolo the Entertainer hit the stage. Not only did he kill it, he was the movie, but we only see him one time. He was the box office draw of the film (Bolo NEEDS a bigger scene if there is a sequel).  The second best thing about the movie is Adrian ‘Rude Boy'(Tyson Beckford) when his shows off more skin and takes it off for the ladies.

The hindering part of the movie is the script, which should have been flushed out a few more times, because it lacked a good intense and interesting story line the was engaging is the tension between Tyson Beckford and Robert Ri’chard. Tyson Beckford is great as a bad guy, he can play intense well like his role in Into The Blue.  There was NEVER a climatic part of the film.

Chocolate City is riddled with life lessons and religious views that comes off extremely preachy, like a bad Tyler Perry rip off. We understand Christianity is strong in the black community, but this movie is about stripping, the tension between strippers, the ugly side of stripping and becoming a man (life lessons). Instead we get extended church scenes that were way too long, killing the pace of the film played by Jean Claude Lamarre himself. We understand he wanted to be in his own film, but come on man, you NEEDED to cut your scene down to 1 minute. The script needed a stronger rewrite because you NEVER care about anyone. The tension between Rude Boy and Sexy Chocolate, but it lacked imagination and has NOTHING on Diamond and in Ronnie in Players Club.


Let’s put it this way. If you ONLY want to see some of Black Hollywood’s sexiest men take it off for the camera, then this is your flick. If you’re NOT expecting a good story, a strong ending or an original script, then you’re golden.

There’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to creativity or originality. Telling a story on the big screen can be difficult, but director Jean Claude Lamarre will hopefully get another chance to tell a better story with Chocolate City 2. We understand that he tried to convey the good, the bad, and the super-ugly side of the male exotic dancing business, but it lacked on all levels.

We understand why it went straight to DVD and On Demand. However, Chocolate City did hit the theater in 2 theaters in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and New York.

Tonight the movie aired on BET and of course twitter has been sounding off, because they loved it.

The film also stars, Robert Ri’chard, Vivca A Fox, Tyson Beckford, Michael Jai White, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Bolo the Entertainer, Gilbert Saldivar, Carmen Electra, Ginuwine, DeRay Davis, Michael Jai White, Darrin Dewitt Henson, and director Jean-Claude La Marre.

On Hot sexy men, we give Chocolate City a A+ (Bolo the Entertainer, Gilbert Saldivar, Tyson Beckford)

On overall film, we give Chocolate City a C-

The trailer is so much better:

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Chocolate City First Look Trailer


Chocolate City First Look Trailer!!!

Ladies are you ready for some mouth watering chocolate? Well get ready to see the hottest, sexiest men of Chocolate City take it off on the big screen with Chocolate City First Look Trailer.

Chocolate City is the first of two movies to hit the big screen this summer about hot male strippers, taking it off, stripping naked, and filled with extremely attractive men bumping and grinding. Oh did we mention the washboard abs?

We know we’re a little late with this trailer, but wait till you see how hot this movie is. And ladies if you love sexy brown, yummy carmel, luscious dark chocolate gorgeous men then you’re gonna love this film.


Get your dollas out and make it rain at the movies, because this is gonna be the perfect night out with the girls. Chocolate City has been released and there is no use blaming ourselves for our insolence when there is footage like this to watch:

Chocolate City, which comes out May 22, comes from director Jean-Claude La Marre, who reportedly said he jumped on the opportunity to make this film after seeing Magic Mike and noticing there was “one glaring omission, and that was people of color.” The film’s tagline shown on the poster is even a subtle dig to the Channing Tatum-led movie: “Are you ready for the real magic?”

Starring Michael Jai White, Tyson Beckford, Robert Ri’chard, Ginuwine, Romeo Miller, Carmen Electra and Vivica A. Fox, Chocolate City is about a struggling college student (Ri’chard) who meets the owner of a male strip club and is convinced to try his moves out on amateur night.

Chocolate City hits the big screen first on May 22 before Magic Mike XXL.

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