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Dwayne Wade Channels MC Hammer Fashions


Dwayne Wade Channels MC Hammer Fashions!!!

OK, so not everyone can look sexy in the “Can’t Touch This” outfit, but the Miami Heat baller Dwayne Wade Channels MC Hammer Fashions.

Wade apparently jumped on the way way back bus to 1990 with a jumpsuit and blazer combination for his latest Esquire magazine photo spread … that was apparently styled by MC Hammer.

We know Flash loves him some fashion, and this time he pushed the envelope … big time. Only a cape could make this outfit any better.

Wade hashtagged the picwith “#ifyoucantpullitoffyouwontunderstandit.”

And then followed it with this caption before talking about fatherhood in the current issue of Esquire Magazine:

“A super dope homeboy from the Chi-town, and he’s known as such, and this is a beat … “

When Esquire learned that Wade teamed up with Dove Men+Care for their Real Moments campaign, they jumped at the opportunity to talk to him about this new media partnership.

Dwayne had this to say about his new partnership (here are some highlights from his Esquire interview):

Dwyane Wade: “It was just the perfect opportunity for me, with this Dove Men+Care Real Moments campaign, to show what matters to me most off the court. To showcase me and my kids and our relationship along with a brand I respect and a product I love. I’m excited, and my kids are excited.”

ESQ: Sounds like a very good fit. You recently made a big shift with the shoe thing, starting up a relationship with Chinese brand Li-Ning after leaving Jordan, and I was curious about that.

DW: “I wanted to do something different. I wanted to be a part of something that I can call my own and I just had a great opportunity to really kind of create my own brand. I’m having fun with it. It’s been good. It’s been challenging, but it’s been fun as well.”

ESQ: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since starting off? Because you’re playing a big role with the design, right?

DW: “With our designers — we have a shoe designer at Li-Ning and then also we teamed up with Alejandro Ingelmo, and then myself. We’re kind of putting all our brands together and I’m finding what speaks to me and also what consumers want to see. What I’ve learned most about it is how long it takes. You don’t know how long it takes to curate a shoe from top to bottom — all the things that go into it.”

ESQ: And have you been getting late-night phone calls or getting chased down in parking lots by Michael Jordan since cutting ties with Jordan?

DW: “No, not at all. [Laughs.] I have so much respect for him. And when we left, we left on good terms with the brand. After the 2, 3 years that I had with them, I wish them nothing but the best. I’m just trying to do what he did, building my own brand with my legacy.”

ESQ: Right. Well that’s good to hear. So is there anything that you’re going to be releasing with Li-Ning that you’re particularly excited about?

DW: “I’m excited for my shoes to come to the States. I think the response has been great. Obviously this year we came into it not knowing what the response would be, and we were hoping to build just a little bit of a following — and I think that we did that. And now with that, we have the possibility of bringing shoes to the States, hopefully sooner than later. I just want to make sure everything is ready for when they do come. You get one first impression, and this is our impression, you know, me with Li-Ning. I’m looking forward to hearing what people think and feel about the sneakers.”

Read more of the interview at Esquire….

What do you think?

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Rick Ross Inks Miami Heat Logo On Face


Rick Ross Inks Miami Heat Logo On Face!?!

We understand die hard fans but why did 38-year-old rapper Rick Ross Inks Miami Heat Logo On Face?

We love tattoo’s like fans of ink, but we believe all tattoo’s should have a reason or meaning behind the madness. You have to live with the ink for life.


Rosay must be running out of space to get new ink since the Carol City native got the team’s flaming basketball logo inked on his right temple at Unroyal Ink in New Jersey, Vibe reports.

The new tat was one of several the prison-guard-turned-rap-mogul got at the Farmingdale shop earlier this week.

Another was a small interlocking “DC,” which is the logo for his friend and fellow rapper Meek Mill‘s record company, Dreamchasers.

In addition to his recent Rich Forever chin tattoo here are Rick Ross’ ink on his body:


What do you think of his new ink?

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Michael Jordan’s Son Disses LeBron James


Michael Jordan‘s Son Disses LeBron James!?!

You might say Michael Jordan’s Son Marcus Jordan isn’t a fan of King James so it comes at no surprise Michael Jordan’s Son Disses LeBron James.

CelebNMusic247.com found out that Marcus let it be known during the Cleveland Cavs‘ 91-101 loss to the Miami Heat on Christmas.


Jordan’s son took to his Twitter with a few opinions on the NBA star, who finished the game with 30 points and 8 assists, which didn’t seem to be enough for Jordan, who tweeted:


Marcus continued with his diss towards LeBron James using a “We Are The Millers” scene and followed it with another dig:


During the Cavs’ game, King James shot 9-16 from the field, while Irving shot 10-19 and 25 points. While Kyrie attempted three more shots, James added 8 assists.



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