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Vince Herbert NOT FIRED by Remy Ma; In Meeting Today

Vince Herbert NOT FIRED by Remy Ma; In Meeting Today

According to FAKE NEWS, Remy Ma has fired Vince, citing that he is too preoccupied with fixing his marriage with Tamar Braxton.

Let’s not forget Vince Herbert has health issues as well, but as for Remy Ma firing Vince, that is NOT true. Read on to get the details…

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Sorry Benzino Your Friend is a LIAR


Sorry Benzino Your Friend is a LIAR!!!

When Mimi finds out the Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are NOT married she goes on a smear campaign to surface the dirt and put Benzino of front street.

At first Benzo is reluctant to Mimi’s coming for him and then admits the marriage is a scheme. Watch Mimi make Benzino squirm!!!

Thing go from ugly to ulgier and the meeting gets heated as Mimi Faust and Dawn aka Safari Tha Billionaire present Benzino with undeniable evidence that Stevie J’s marriage claim is weak.

Sorry Benzino your friend is a LIAR!!!

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Mimi is showing no mercy when it comes to Stevie J.  Over the weekend Stevie Jordan complained about not being able to attend his daughter pre-school graduation, lashing out at Mimi.

Mimi is serving him his nuts on an icy platter!!!

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