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Lil Wayne Found Unconscious in Hotel Room; Vegas Show Cancelled

Lil Wayne Found Unconscious in Hotel Room; Vegas Show Cancelled

It’s happened again, now rapper Lil Wayne was found unconscious in his hotel room in Chicago. Lil Tunechi was rushed to the hospital.

Word is, Lil Wayne has once again suffered one or more seizures. Read on…

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Lil Wayne Devastated By Death Reports

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Lil Wayne Devastated By Death Reports

After Lil Wayn’s horrified reports spread like a virus over the Internet suggesting that he was near death following a series of seizures last week (March 15th).

It was said Wayne’s team was upset because they didn’t want Wayne’s children to get upset by false reports. As for the Tweet’s we know exclusively that Wayne did NOT make any of those Tweet’s as he was in the ICU at the time and one of his female team members used his phone to Tweet. Hence the questionable “I’m Fine Tweet, posted on all the media outlets.”

Here’s a recap of what went down:

The “Love Me” hitmaker, real name Dwayne Carter, was admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on 12 March (13) after collapsing on the set of Nicki Minaj‘s new video.

 He was released the following day, but was rushed back to the hospital hours later after a bodyguard found him lying unconscious in his room.

He was treated in the intensive care unit as rumours spiralled about his declining health. Tmz.com reported he had been placed in a medically-induced coma, and a priest had been called to read him his last rites.

His aides promptly dismissed claims the hip-hop star was on the verge of death, and Wayne appeared to take to his Twitter.com blog on Friday (March 15th) to reach out to fans, writing, “I’m good everybody. Thnx (thanks) for the prayers and love.”

Now rapper Mack Maine, the president of Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment label, has revealed the 30-year-old father-of-four was devastated to learn he was being prematurely killed off in the media.

Maine, who was among the aides denying the stories on Friday, tells MTV‘s RapFix Live show:

“I was actually sitting right next to him (in hospital), honestly, when it happened, and his mum was in the other room, and his face dropped.”

“She came in and she made light of it, she came in laughing, like, ‘They’re calling my damn phone, crazy, my battery just died…’ and she laughed it off but his face kinda dropped like, ‘They actually worrying my mum with this, they reporting that I’m getting read my final rites… (sic).”

“I just saw it in his face, like, ‘I can’t believe that.’ He has four kids. Imagine his daughter hearing that somewhere at school or something like that, so he wasn’t too happy about that.”

Maine insists Wayne, who was discharged from hospital on Monday (March 18th), is “blessed” and “in good spirits”, and he has taken aim at gossip bloggers for spreading false reports about his ill health: “A lot of blogs and stuff put out some foolishness, but that wasn’t true…

“We’d like to thank all the fans for the prayers. A lot of people reached out and showed love, but Wayne’s at home, he’s relaxing. He’s actually been in good health for a minute (for a while). They (doctors) just wanted to run a few tests on him, that’s why they kept him (in hospital) longer than expected, but he’s been good.”

Let us still NOTE that no photo of Wayne has surfaced to prove that he is fine!

We have spoke to some sources and they have said that he is doing a little better, but there is no confirmation as of yet…We are waiting for a photo for proof!

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