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Evanescence singer WINS Million Dollar Lawsuit; Cardi B Sued

Evanescence singer WINS Million Dollar Lawsuit; Cardi B Sued

Congrats goes out to Evanescence singer Amy Lee, who just scored ONE MILLION BUCKS in a lawsuit! Meanwhile, Cardi B Being Sued for Mixtape Cover!

The Evanescence singer wins a lawsuit against her management company. Read on to get more on Cardi B sued by man going down on her on mixtape cover…

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R Kelly May be Trapped in a Criminal Investigation

R Kelly May be Trapped in a Criminal Investigation

Instead of being Trapped In The Closet, R Kelly may finally get trapped in a criminal investigation for a major sex scandal.

If any of what is being said about R Kelly is true, he may be singing from a jail cell this time around. No golden showers this time. Read on…

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Jared Fogle Sentenced

Jared Fogle Sentenced-to-15-years-jailtime-news-1119-1

Jared Fogle Sentenced!!!

Case CLOSED since ex- Subways pitchman, Jared Fogle Sentenced On Thursday after pleading guilty in an extremely disturbing child exploitation case.

In case you forgot, the weight loss activist rose to fame becoming a spokesman for Subway after shedding pounds thanks to the sandwich shop. What none of knew was that Jared Fogle was a pedophile.

Jared has now been charged with counts of child pornography and having sex with minors, CelebNMusic247.com has learned.

Yuck, We just threw up in our mouths!

CelebNMusic247.com has this report:

Jared Fogle’s ruling comes shortly after Russell Taylor, the director of the Jared Foundation, was arrested and the July raid on the Indiana resident’s home. The corporation has since fired the father-of-two!

In addition, back in August the prosecution team worked out a plea deal with the scandalized celeb. The only problem is after much back and forth between the defense and the prosecution, its been revealed toady that Jared will have to spend 188 months or a little over 15 years in prison.

In addition to his sentence, the judge ruled that Jared is NOT allowed to have unsupervised meetings with minors and cannot have any child pornography or photos of children following his completed stint in jail. The 38-year-old may see his own children ONLY if his estranged wife is present and consents (along with kiddos) to the visit.

The defendant will be closely watched as it was ruled that all of his technical devices will be monitored — including computers and cellphones.

Also, Fogle is required to undergo treatment as a part of his supervised release.

Thankfully, the restitution payments of $1.4 million have been made to his 14 victims. It’s said the payday covers the victims’ various counseling and recovery expenses.

Dr. John Bradford spoke on behalf of Jared in court and dubbed his behavior as “mild” pedophilia, which is not an official term.

Wait, what??

The medical expert explained that Jared had a compulsive eating disorder and that when he lost a significant amount of weight it developed into a compulsive hypersexuality disorder — which can be controlled with medication.

Hold up…what?

The doctor defended that Jared never acted on his pre-pubescent fantasies despite the fact that tests showed he was more attracted to younger adolescents than teens.

Fogle stated in tears:

“…Somewhere along the line I went from good values to deception, lies, and selfish self-centeredness… I have become dependent on alcohol, pornography and prostitutes….Not a day will go by where I won’t think of (the victims.) I hope the restitution will help in their lives. I take full responsibility for what I’ve done. [I want to] make a positive impact.”

It’s been said that Jared will likely appeal the verdict as he previously waived his right to fight the ruling if and only if the court decided on a sentence that was within his plea deal.

OMG, really?

What are your thoughts on Jared Fogle being Sentenced?

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