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Kirk Frost Weighs In on T.I. and Tiny


Kirk Frost Weighs In on T.I. and Tiny!!!

When it comes to relationship problems, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta couple Rasheeda and Kirk have been through the most, and now Kirk Frost Weighs In on T.I. and Tiny!

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 3 may be a wrap, but season 4 is on the way, but before we start dropping hints about the upcoming season; Kirk Frost decided to weigh in on the current status of T.I. and Tiny confirming that they’re having troubles.

CelebNMusic247.com has the tea on Frost since the  Love and Hip Hop ATL couple, Kirk and his wife Rasheeda, are good friends with Family Hustle‘s T.I. and his wife Tiny.

For Kirk and Rasheeda, we have only seen part of their dramas, but we’ve come to love the two of them and are happy that they overcame their adversities. Kirk who has finally got over his hump, talks about whether or not Tiny and T.I. have gotten over theirs:

Here is what Kirk had to say to VH1 about Tiny and Tip’s current marital status and if they will be able to overcome the hump. Just the other day Shekinah said Clifford Harris aka T.I. loves his wife tremendously.

Read the highlights of the interview:

You and Rasheeda are really good friends with another VH1 family – Tiny and T.I right?

Kirk Frost responds:

“We’ve known Tiny for a long time. All the way back to almost, when her first daughter was born. Me and her first daughter’s father were like best friends, so I knew her through that situation and when she was with Xscape. Then Kelly Harris, my children Kirk and Kelsey’s mother, is first cousins with T.I., Clifford Harris. So I know him family-wise through my baby’s mother. Is that explaining it? So I’ve known him for a while—a long time ago.”

Atanta is so connected, you and Rasheeda participated in Real Housewife Kandi Burress‘ televised wedding, and so did Tiny, but we didn’t see T.I.:

“You know what; I don’t know what Clifford’s been doing. I have no clue. Tiny is that old Tiny again, I’ll give her that. She’s seeming to be like she used to be. Which I like—I like that Tiny.”

What does that mean, “back to the old Tiny?”

“That means that she’s doing her music; instead of somebody saying don’t do music. She seems like she’s just finding herself cause it seems like it’s a lot for her to do, but sometimes it don’t look like she’s doing it for other reasons, it just seems like she’s doing Tiny again. And from me looking in, it looks like she’s having fun.”

You and Rasheeda have had your share of relationship issues, if Tiny and T.I. were having any martial issues, are you guys close enough that you would talk about them?

“T.I. is very…uh, you gotta catch T.I. at the right moment and place. We do talk, but you know what, whatever they go through they gonna make it through it. I think it’s one of them things where Tiny is like ‘straighten up’ cause I could show you what would happen if you don’t. You know how women, they just want to let us know they can control something too. They gonna be fine. I know they’ll be fine.”

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Kirk Reveals What Triggered The DNA Test


Kirk Reveals What Triggered The DNA Test

The next couple in the hot seat was Rasheeda and Kirk Frost and why he took a DNA test to find out if Carter was his son.

Sommore weighs in on Kirk asking him why did a pair of broken glasses and a DNA test almost cost him his family. Rasheeda says that a lot was going on during her pregnancy, but sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better.

Kirk may have had good intentions, but hiring a nanny out of a bar was wrong. Benzino felt Kirk meant well, and Stevie says that it was wrong.

When it comes to his son with Rasheeda, Kirk claims that her mom was the reason why he did the DNA test to prove that Carter was his son. As for pushing he mom’s head back from kissing his son on the lips he admits his wrongs. Kalenna Harper weighs in saying if she did that to her she’s hit him over the head with a bottle because you don’t do that to women.

Sommore asks one final question if she’ll trust him again and Rasheeda says “yes, over time.”


Missed the FUll Episode tonight?

Then watch it here and see all the drama unfold on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Reunion Pt 1:

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Benzino Wants A Prenup


Benzino Wants A Prenup!?!

During Althea Hart aka Thi Thi’s showcase on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Kirk Frost and Zino sit down for a drink and a BIG announcement.

Benzino  drops the bomb on Kirk when he tells him that he and Althea are getting married in 2 weeks.  When Kirk hears the news hequickly tells Benzo to get a prenup. He explains that he has a lot to loose and Althea may have her own money, but he needs to protect himself.

Zino agrees and makes a toast to “NO PRENUP!”

The only problem is the tables turn once Thi Thi walks up in her very revealing glitter gown showing off all the curves. Zino aks like a lust puppy and while he’s drooling and talking about their rushed wedding he slips in the word prenup. Althea quickly says “prenup what…?”

Followed by, “I ain’t signing no prenup!!” Althea says “I thought marriage was built on trust,” and then she stands up and does a spin and gets her puppy dog to say no to the prenup. Benzino, like a fool does another toast to “NO PRENUP” and the crowd at the bar cheers to that while Thi Thi sits with a smile on her face. It’s obvious that Althea may be using Benzino.

Hello Opportunist?

Later, while Althea is out with Rasheeda and her mom shopping for wedding dresses she tells the ladies that Benzino wanted a prenup, but she told him she was NOT signing one because she wants to own half of Hip Hop Weekly.

Rasheeda weighs in on her saying she’s not sure what Althea is up to, but she can see that she is trying to secure herself some coinage. Get the full recap of Love and Hip Hop Season 3 Episode 15 here.

Benzino weighed in on Instagram with these posts:


Is Althea an undercover gold digger?

Let us know your thoughts?

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