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Joseline Hernandez Love Hip Hop Atlanta 5

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 5 Cast Reveal

With VH1’s Love and Hip Hop 6 counting down to the reunion, LHHATL will be back and we have who made the cut on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 5 Cast Reveal!!!

There are a few changes to the line up for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta 5 so wait until you see who made the cut on the flip…

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Pt 2 Recap: Snatch That Wig


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Pt 2 Recap: Snatch That Wig!!!

Ok let’s get started about the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Pt 2 Recap because things got heated between Scrappy and Erica, Margeaux went off on Stevie and Rasheeda got called out by Joseline.

Everyone was ready to snatch that wig when it came their turn in the hot seat, so we’re going to break the night down in bullets for you.

Last week we gave you the best moments of the Love & Hip Hop Reunion Pt 1 and now it’s time to give you Pt 2.

The second half of the LHHATL reunion certainly did not disappoint, especially on the heels of the announcement of Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J’s upcoming spin-off. Host Nina Parker tried her best to reign in the crew, but we all know that never works!

We pick up were we left off on pt 1 of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 4 Reunion:

Joseline revealed that she, Stevie J and Mimi Faust had a three-way back in the day. The incident took place back during season 1. You know the days when Mimi was denying everything under the sun. This time Mimi didn’t deny the three-way, instead she just claims to be sickened by Joseline. While Stevie reiterates his same old tired excuse that he had many foggy nights back in the day.

Momma Dee interrupts to remind everyone that as long as you’re having fun that’s all that matters. Ariane revealed that she knew, but she wasn’t invited, but she’s proud of her friend for being so adventurous.

Then Joseline Hernandez steps up and apologizes to Mimi for the way she has treated her.


The Puerto Rican Princess says:

“I have to be the bigger person. You did what you did, you made a mistake, but you’re a great mother and I will never take that away from you. I respected you from day one and I apologize for everything from then to now.”

Stevie reveals that it’s going to be a great night for him–perhaps.

Next, Mimi admits she doesn’t know everything when it comes to MF Management because she failed miserably.


Jessica Dime, Margeaux, Deb Antney, Tiffany Foxx, and Dawn join the group on stage to face off about MF Management and it’s owner, Mimi.

Dawn defends herself from accusations that she tried to steal Jessica Dime away from Mimi’s management.

Jessica sites Mimi’s several snafus with managing talent and it turns into round two for Jessica and Tiffany.

Rasheeda is asked to weigh in on the situation if her manager invited her to a meeting that another artist would be attending, saying that she wouldn’t have a problem with it, but it’s NOT recommended.

Mimi admits that she didn’t know exactly what she was doing at the time, and Jessica concedes that she appreciates Mimi for trying.

Margeaux chimes in saying that she doesn’t care about Mimi because she’s a true artist and she wasn’t trying to please Mimi or anyone else.

Then Dime gets into it with an audience member and they cut to commercial.


Next up is the Royal Family [Dee, Ernest, Scrappy, Erica, and the Bambi] feud between Erica and Lil Scrappy.

Things start with Dee and Ernest’s love story past and present, as well as that ridiculous promissory ring and Dee’s children’s disdain for their former (now current) stepfather.

Dee reveals that she learned how to be a pimp from her ex now husband, Ernest.

Momma Dee reveals that Scrappy got some brain from one of her hoes and he still owes his Momma for services.



Followed by Scrappy and Erica’s child support dispute.

Scrappy defends himself by saying he and Erica had a verbal agreement that they would each be totally responsible for their daughter when she was in their care.

He finds it disingenuous that she now it’s coming back for court ordered child support. Scrappy promises he’s never withheld any money when it comes to the care of their daughter.

Scrappy says that Erica is a bad mother, while Erica says that Scrappy is a great father – he just doesn’t pay child support.

Erica counters that she was only asking for him to pay insurance which is $150 a month, yet he was not able to provide that for her.


Erica calls Bambi irrelevant.

Scrappy accuses Erica of ignoring their daughter when she’s traipsing around with her new football player boyfriend.

Then, Momma Dee reminds the audience that if they don’t want a child they should keep on the condom.

Lastly, Scrappy gets heated and throws a wadded up piece of paper at Erica.

Next up is Kaleena, her husband Tony Vick, Rasheeda, Karlie Redd and Deb Antney.

Kaleena shares that her struggle was hard and REAL, but it has been therapeutic.

Kaleena and Deb go head to head over Deb’s career advice for the artist before hugging it out.

Rasheeda faces off with Kaleena and Karlie Redd who claim that she NEVER calls or supports them.

Joseline interjects to call Rasheeda shady and remind her of her situation with K. Michelle.

Rasheeda swears up and down that she never discussed Tony and Kalenna’s financial downfall.

Kaleena has Karlie’s back when Rasheeda tries to play the role of supportive friend. Rasheeda never makes an effort to connect with her friends according to Kaleena and Karlie.

Erica even gets into the fray accusing Rasheeda of not being there for her with her issues with Scrappy.


Rasheeda leaves the reunion with Kirk citing that she doesn’t feel well. Obviously the truth was too much to swallow on national TV.


Next up is the live performance by Joseline and Stevie, but before things kick off, Margeaux goes on a RANT calling Stevie and Joseline “trash buckets” on stage.

She sounds like a jealous and bitter ex like her man Nikko who only has a career thanks to Mimi bringing him on the show.

Margeaux storms off set to Stevie’s applause and Nikko follows.

Backstage, Margeaux and Nikko are livid at Stevie and Joseline’s actions, and Margeaux believes that neither have any talent.

Does Margeaux forget that Stevie has been in the game for over 20 years with Bad Boy Records? he has Grammy’s and a list of hit songs unlike herself. Since none of knew who she was until Nikko pulled her on to the show to prove he’s straight, but that didn’t solidify anything since Margeaux is dating a woman and Nikko is rooming with his “friend” in a single bed that they both sleep in together. (allegedly)

As the reunion concludes, everyone seems to be in a better place than they were when it started. Joseline thanks Stevie and the audience as Deb wipes a tear from her eye.

Lastly, after Stevie and Joseline perform, Mimi runs onto the stage to tell Joseline that she is grateful she took Stevie away, because now they’re friends again.

Mimi says:

“I just want to thank you because when you ask God for something and he gives it to you. Me and Stevie were going through such a rough time and he see you and you came in between us and you helped our situation because I have my friend back. I want you to know this is my friend, I don’t want Stevie, I don’t lust after Stevie. He’s my daughter’s father and I respect your relationship. You are his wife, you’re his family. That means you are my family and I want us to be cool.”

Does this mean Mimi will be on Steve & Joseline new spin-off?

Watch all the antic unfold below on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Pt 2 Recap: Snatch That Wig:

What do you think?

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Rasheeda Drops Wicked New Song – I Mean It


Rasheeda Drops Wicked New Song – I Mean It!!!

Rasheeda Drops Wicked New Song – I Mean It, Last night on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta we saw Rasheeda and Kirk in the studio working on her new single and we got it for you.

They always say use real life experiences and that’s exactly what Rasheeda has done. It’s been a minute since Atlanta artist, fashion designer and TV personality, Rasheeda Buckner-Frost better known by her stage name Rasheeda.

Like all of us, Rasheeda has hit some bumps in the road on her road back to hip hop. Last season she had a baby and dealing with Kirk Frosts adultery. This season she was faced with Ashley Nicole hating on her and then falling out with Kalenna Harper. But finally, Rasheeda has brought all of her dramas to the mic and has spit a wicked new single called “I Mean It”


Rasheeda teased the fans with a sampling of her new single, “I Mean It” in the studio this week and Kirk said he’s not sure if she can retire after this upcoming album because it’s just so hot. We found the full record and now we really need to hear that whole album. You can buy it on iTunes now!

What do you think of her latest song?


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