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Michael Jordan’s Son Disses LeBron James


Michael Jordan‘s Son Disses LeBron James!?!

You might say Michael Jordan’s Son Marcus Jordan isn’t a fan of King James so it comes at no surprise Michael Jordan’s Son Disses LeBron James.

CelebNMusic247.com found out that Marcus let it be known during the Cleveland Cavs‘ 91-101 loss to the Miami Heat on Christmas.


Jordan’s son took to his Twitter with a few opinions on the NBA star, who finished the game with 30 points and 8 assists, which didn’t seem to be enough for Jordan, who tweeted:


Marcus continued with his diss towards LeBron James using a “We Are The Millers” scene and followed it with another dig:


During the Cavs’ game, King James shot 9-16 from the field, while Irving shot 10-19 and 25 points. While Kyrie attempted three more shots, James added 8 assists.



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King LeBron James Makes Royal Fumble


King LeBron James Makes Royal Fumble!!!

The Cleveland Cavaliers may have their King back at home, but in England he’s no King and now the NBA star LeBron James Makes Royal Fumble.

It’s great to meet that royal couple as they made their rounds for three days in the Big Apple, but when you meet them, it’s etiquette NOT to touch them. They’re Royals!


Now CelebNMusic247.com has learned that King LeBron is getting a royal lashing by the British media for putting his arm around Kate Middleton in a photo-op after the Cavaliers beat the Nets on Monday night.

Sweaty armpit and all. The sad this is Kate Middleton is leaning away from LeBron, but politely saying nothing.

Here is the tea that is spilling all over the place in the land of the royals:

Minutes after LeBron James scored 18 points in the Cavs 110 to 88 victory over the Brooklyn Nets, he took several pictures with the royal couple.

James was still wearing his sweaty Cavs t-shirt when he wrapped his arm around the Duchess breaking royal protocol. The sign of affection is a breach of proper etiquette.

Let’s be real, LeBron should have been schooled by his publicist NOT to touch them and how to properly meet royalty. We may be all hugs in the US, but NOT in the UK, this is a sign of disrespect, but LeBron didn’t know, so we don’t blame him for his fumble. Hopefully he will learn and NEVER do it again, because the UK is having a field day with this. (shaking our heads)



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