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RiFF RAFF Signs $500K Deal With Blackbear's "Beartrap Sound"

RiFF RAFF Signs $500K Deal With Blackbear’s “Beartrap Sound”

Jody Highroller aka RiFF RAFF is making power moves once again in the music industry.

RiFF RAFF is known for his eccentric personality, but recently he’s been silent until now. Read on to get all the details on Jody’s latest deal with Blackbear’s Beartrap Sounds imprint. Read on…

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Riff Raff Spotted Smashing A Porn Star

Riff Raff Spotted Smashing A Porn Star

Riff Raff just made headlines for his sex game. A few weeks back porn star Bella Elise Rose, who was a recent Barely Legal cover girl posted a video of herself being smashed.

Well, after the video surface, many Riff Raff fans noticed that the man smashing Bella Elise Rose was Jody Highroller. Read on to see how they learned it was him…

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Riff Raff SLAPPED With Lawsuit


Riff Raff SLAPPED With Lawsuit!!!

Jody Highroller aka Riff Raff SLAPPED With Lawsuit by his landlord who is claiming the rapper is a deadbeat and a human wrecking ball.

CeleBNMusic247.com has learned via TMZ that Riff Raff owes him $68,500 for unpaid rent and lots of damage to a house that sounds like a mini-amusement park.

We recently reported that Jody just purchased an new mansion called the Codeine Castle in Las Vegas and now this. Not only is the landlord calling Riff Raff a deadbeat he allegedly ruined the home he was in previously.

According to the landlord Jody damaged the house what had a 40 gallon fish tank, an original Vegas casino $.05 slot, a green pool table which converts into a ping-pong table and a lot more.


It’s unclear what he damaged … we’re hoping it’s not the ivory 8-piece sectional or the 2-piece black and red sectional.

What are your thoughts about Riff Raff being SLAPPED with a lawsuit?

Yesterday Riff Raff posted a photo of he and Drake hanging out – could this mean a Drake and Riff Raff colab is on the way?


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