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Jelena Karleusa Comes For Beyonce Style Jackin Ways


Jelena Karleusa Comes For Beyonce Style Jackin Ways!!!

First Jelena Karleusa BLASTED Kim Kardashian For Jacking her style and now the Serbian pop icon Jelena Karleusa Comes For Beyonce Style Jackin Ways!

It appear that Jelena Karleusa has so much swag and style that American reality TV star Kim Kardashian thought she could rip off, but now her rival Beyoncé is also stealing from the best.  Remember when we told you about Serbian pop star Jelena Karleusa swore that Kimmy Kakes Kardashian was copying her bleach blonde style and got a cosign from Blac Chyna?


Actually Jelena Karleusa should be honored that her style is so fierce that she has two fans stealing her white-hot looks for the stage, carpet and sightings.  However, CelebNMusic247.com who broke the news first about Jelena calling out Kim Kardashian back in March is now going in on The BeyHive’s Queen.


Well Jelena is letting Beyoncé have it with one simple remark:

“It’s Called Originality”

Then Jelena took to her Instagram posting this photo with evidence of every time Beyoncé jacked her style:



Well Jelena is a true fashionista like Rihanna, with that said, here are some new looks of Jelena’s that we’re sure to see Kim Kardashian or Beyonce rocking in the near future claiming it was all their own idea!

Take a look at our Jelena Karleusa gallery:

What do you think?

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Jelena Karleusa BLASTS Kim Kardashian For Style Jacking


Jelena Karleusa BLASTS Kim Kardashian For Style Jacking!?!

While many insiders feel Kanye Draining the Happiness Out Of Kim Kardashian, It appears Jelena Karleusa BLASTS Kim Kardashian For Style Jacking.

We already know that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian lack talent, except for being the queen of selfies, but now it appears that Serbian pop star Jelena Karleusa is calling out the oldest daughter of Kris Jenner for style jacking.

Was this Kim’s ideal or was it another one of Ye’s plans to jump her to super-stardom?

Somewhere Beyonce is Laughing and rolling on the floor over this disastrous look.

Kim is such a beautiful woman, but blonde is NOT her look, but more and more Kanye seems to continue molding her into his perfect trophy wife. Not only that she is no longer looking happy in her photos and Kim Karashian smiles less and less…We know looking angry and NEVER smiling is Kanye West’s trademark but it’s ruining Kim’s image.

To add to Kim’s fall from grace, Jelena has been accusing Kim of trying to be her carbon copy and she’s taking to her Instagram to call Kim OUT!

The 36-year-old recording artist began posting side-by-side comparison photos to show the similarities, including that shocking new platinum hair via Instagram earlier this week.

Jelena captioned a side-by-side shot of her in a long black coat with a fur collar with Kanye West’s wife, 34, in the same style in Paris on March 12:

“Will the real slim shady place stand up! Ps (I am the one on the left) #Illtakeitasacompliment @kimkardashian #itnotjustthehair.”

Check out the Jelena Karleusa vs Kim Kardashian Gallery below:

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