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Tiny Shuts Down Fake Divorce Rumors


Tiny Shuts Down Fake Divorce Rumors!?!

It’s been RUMORED for months that T.I. and Tiny are heading towards divorce, but we know they’ve been working things out and now Tiny Shuts Down Fake Divorce Rumors!

The Family Hustle star is setting the rumors straight about the rumors suggesting T.I. had a baby outside the marriage have resurfaced too.

However, Tiny and her bestie Shekinah recently addressed the rumors and both claim the rumors are false.

Tiny tells Hip Hollywood:

“I just read that…talking bout we’re not really together…we’re just together for the show.”

Shekinah adds:

“That’s a lie. For all the world and everybody that’s watching this, I just want y’all to know something. T.I. is crazy about his girl. It ain’t no if, ands and buts. The men keep your eyes to yourself. She took. And to all the women who hating, he love, love, love his wife. I’m telling y’all this for the world. There’s no sugar. It’s no shade on it. It’s just the truth.

“We can’t help cause these thirsty women wanna throw they self up on people. But T.I. is grinding. He love his wife y’all. And I’m telling y’all that because it’s true. It’s all I ever seen out of the six and a half years I’ve been around them. He don’t play about lil mama.”

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SIC VIDS: G-Eazy, Translee, Hustle Gang


SIC VIDS: G-Eazy, Translee, Hustle Gang

Round two of our SIC VIDS includes new music from G-Eazy, Translee, Hustle Gang!

T.I. is back with his Hustle Gang crew with their new single “Chosen” as well as G-Eazy who is coming out the box with a second hit single featuring Remo called “I Mean It.”  Our third video comes from Translee who brings us his first visual from his upcoming project Culture Junkie. Plus we have  a BONUS VID featuring K Camp.

Check out round two of our SIC VIDS:

G-Eazy – “I Mean It” ft. Remo

Translee – “Cold”

The “Cold” video is the first visual from Translee’s upcoming album Culture Junkie.

Hustle Gang – “Chosen” ft. T.I., B.o.B, Spodee


Translee – “Somebody’s Girl” ft. K Camp

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Ty Dolla Sign Disses T.I. wife Tiny

Ty Dolla Sign Disses T.I. wife Tiny-823-1

(CelebNMusic247-News) Ty Dolla Sign Disses T.I. and Tiny

R&B singer Ty Dolla Sign goes in on T.I.’s wife Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle physical features and overall appearance.

On numerous occasions rapper T.I. has made it clear that he loves his wife Tiny and their kids, but people still find a way to taunt Tiny about her physical features! Unfortunately,  Ty Dolla Sign thinks otherwise and has decided to FIRE SHOTS at the T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle star.

Despite the success of their hit reality show on VH1 entitled T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, Tiny has dusted off the negativity and has NOT responded to the remarks. While T.I. refuses to let the negative talk go without being addressed. Most recently he dragged a female for making fun of Tiny’s looks on his Instagram account and it got pretty ugly.

You would think the up and coming R&B singer Ty Dolla Sign, born Tyrone Griffin, would choose another way to get his name on the map of music, but he’s decided to go in on Tip’s main squeeze.

The song is being played on the Atlanta airwaves firing direct shots at the former Xscape singer Tameka Cottle aka Tiny Harris.

In his single “Paranoid,” he brags about all the “bad” females he pulls on a regular basis, but the rapper he featured on the track decided to take a jab at Tiny in one of his verses. Our reader told us she felt it was just “disrespectful.”

In the lyric,  LA rapper Joe Moses suggests the women he has around him are beautiful, “not tinnies” on the Ty Dolla Sign diss track  “Paranoid.”

Moses raps:

I got a spandex b*tch, her name Miha
See all my b*tches is bad, I’m like T.I.
Ain’t no tinies around me, uh uh b*tch

Check it:

We’re wondering if T.I. will Fire Back at this ignorant low blow?

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