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Cam'Ron Bodies Mase with "Dinner Time" Diss Track

Cam’Ron Bodies Mase with “Dinner Time” Diss Track

Things getting started with Cam’Ron! Killa Cam wasted no time and just released his “Dinner Time” where he goes at Mase about a bunch of things from their past.

Cam’Ron points out many things that was known in the industry and rumored. Killa puts it ALL out there and actually EXPOSES Diddy and 50 Cent. Read on…

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Mase Decodes Cam'Ron diss track "The Oracle"

Mase Decodes Cam’Ron diss track “The Oracle”

If you heard the EPIC diss track “The Oracle” by Mase then you know he went HAM on Cam’Ron reading him like yesterdays filth!

The Oracle is one of the most wicked diss tracks in a minute, we haven’t heard some real hip hop dissing since Remy Ma. Yeah, New York keeping the diss tracks on lock, and no we ain’t talking about the newbies, we talking about the 90s rappers pointing out F.A.C.T.S. and real shhhht ya heard! Read on and find out what Mase was really saying about Dispet leader Cam’Ron

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Mase Murders Cam'Ron with “The Oracle” Diss Track

Mase Murders Cam’Ron with “The Oracle” Diss Track

It was straight up Murder! Mase literally annihilated Cam’Ron with a lot…he hit hard with history, with facts, and dissed him about Diddy not signing him!

“The Oracle” by Mase is one of the BEST diss tracks out since Remy Ma killing Nicki Minaj earlier this year. Read on…

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