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Amina Announces Black Buddafly EP Release Party


Amina Announces Black Buddafly EP Release Party!

Instead of weighing in on tonight’s Love & Hip Hop NY Amina Announces Black Buddafly EP Release Party and how she got rid of the baby weight.

Amina Buddafly took to her Tumblr account to talk about what is going on with her these days. She assures fans that she is fine. However she admits that she doesn’t like to tell fans to watch LHHNY because things were so bad during those times and she doesn’t want to relive them. She is great now, her music is coming out with her sister and her baby Corey makes her so happy.


The album with be released on February 5th, but first, Amina and her sister (Jaz) aka Black Buddafly will be performing songs from their new EP on February 3rd at the Village Underground at 8pm in New York City.

Amina Buddafly also shares how she lost the baby weight and gives fans a glimpse at her workout routine with some baby lifts and her diet. Amina aslo says that she is in much happier these days, so no worries.

She is doing great and we are happy to see her in such a positive space.

Watch what Amina has to say below:

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Stevie J indicted


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Stevie J indicted!?!

Everything always comes around full circle and now Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Stevie J is learning the hard was about fatherhood since Stevie J indicted.

Mr Jordan aka Stevie J is getting a quick dose on how to be a better father and now Stevie is facing 2-years in prison following a grand jury indictment for ducking out on over $1M in child support.


TMZ first reported … Stevie J was thrown in jail last June for allegedly bailing on $8,500 a month in child support for 2 of his kids … since 2001. Total unpaid child support — $1,107,412.

Even though the grand jury’s indicted him … Stevie won’t be arraigned on the charges until Feb. 10 in NYC. He’s got other problems at the moment.

Stevie’s doing a 30-day stint in a rehab facility after repeatedly violating probation by testing positive for weed and blow.


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Ex Darren Sharper Indicted In New Orleans

New Orleans Saints Darren Sharper indicted in New Orleans on another set of rape charges-1215-5

Ex Darren Sharper Indicted In New Orleans

On Friday, former New Orleans Saints Darren Sharper indicted in New Orleans on another set of rape charges.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Darren Mallory Sharper who grew up to become a famous Safety for the New Orleans Saints, but then his personal life over-shadowed his fame. His fame went to his head and he thought he could get away with mistreating women and having sex with them against their will. He didn’t know what the word “NO, NO, NO, PLEASE STOP” as the women all begged, so he landed himself multiple rape charges.


Which has landed him a permanent residence behind bars and all his hard work, his struggle and dreams are over. His fame is gone and his legacy will remain as rapist.

Take heed football players on the come up – Don’t let this be you! Life is full of choice, don’t throw away your dreams for 2 – 5 minutes of pleasure. We all know rapist can’t last sexually! It just sucks that women and men who are raped are scared over 2 minutes of complete horror. Life is filled with beauty and its sad that those 2-minutes tarnishes it all.

Women please try to empower yourselves and forgive but never forget and see the red flags. NO baller is worth a life of pain. And as for, Darren, brother you are getting your due justice – you made your bed, so now you gotta lay in it and be a good wifey for whoever is you cell mate, because we all know it’s going down at night in prison and your are feeling what all those women felt when you violated them.(allegedly)

Here is what is being reported by People Mag:

The nine-count indictment from Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office alleges that Sharper, who retired from the NFL in 2011, sexually assaulted two women who were impaired at his New Orleans apartment in 2013.  Bail on those charges has been set at $2.5 million. Also named in the indictment was Sharper’s friend, Brandon Licciardi, 32, a deputy with the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office, who resigned Friday.

Each of the three federal counts carries a maximum 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

Sharper had been previously indicted on rape charges in California, where he is held without bond, and Arizona, where he has been charged with two counts of rape.

Life behind bars hasn’t been too kind to Darren – take a look at how he used to look:


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