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Top 10 Reasons why Ron Burgundy is Your Anchorman


Top 10 Reasons why Ron Burgundy is Your Anchorman

Ron Burgundy has been every where this year! Since Ron first surfaced in 2004’s Anchorman, Ron aka Will Ferrell has become an American staple.

Like apple pie, but more like hot dogs and lots of beer at baseball, Ron is a mans man who knows how to report yhe news, be a ladies man and maintain perfect hair. All while on the job or at a Hockey game reporting the news.

In his career Ron has accomplished many things, but Ron is an American icon when it comes to news. He 100% news worthy and we have 10 top reasons why we love Ron Burgundy. #RonBurgundyOutstanding

Here are some moments that we feel people need to know about Ron Burgundy Achorman!

Ron Burgundy-will-ferrell-great-white-shark-nursing-1211-1

10. Ron Burgundy nursed back a great white shark, without the ability to see. We appualled you on that. That is so great, because we need more Great White sharks to comb our beaches. Nothing says surprise like a shark nipping at your toes.


Ron Burgundy-will-ferrell-Fashion-and-style-1211-1

8. Ron is a very sharp dresser and nobody says pleather with faux. Take for example fur – Ron Burgundy has unremarkable style, his swag undeniable, he’s so hip he goes as himself for Halloween.

7. Ron Burgundy is one of the safest drivers when comes to road safety becuase he uses cruise control so he abids by the law. Rob doesn’t believe in speeding.


6. Ron Burgundy is all about interacial dating becuase he gets it.


5. When it comes to the ladies Ron Burgundy is a true ladies man.

4.  Ron actually reported the news in North Dakota – Local news viewers in the North Dakota capital got a spirited surprise on Saturday night, when “Anchorman” star Will Ferrell joined their usual evening newscast as a guest anchor.


3. America’s Favorite Fake Anchorman makes history with the Anchorman 2 museum in Washington DC. Weeks ahead of the release of the film’s long-awaited sequel Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, visitors will get a peak into the world of Burgundy and the entire Channel 4 News team.


2. When it comes to news reporting Ron Burgundy and his news team are like no others.


1. Ron Burgundy has great hair

Watch Ron Brugundy in Anchorman 2 available now on DVD or On Demand.


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Mike Epps Says His Older Kids Are Ugly

Mike Epps Says His Older Kids Are Ugly-530-1

(CelebNMusic247-NewsMike Epps Says His Older Kids Are Ugly

WTF? Comedian Mike Epps goes in on his babys mother – saying that she looks like “James Brown.”

Actually, Epps was performing at a recent show and was making fun of his kids saying that his kids were ugly.  But then he takes things A LITTLE TOO FAR, by CLOWING his kids by his first child’s mother – calling them UGLY.

Mike says: “Now all my OLDER UGLY KIDS are mad at my new CUTE kids. . . You better not get re-married and have some new kids with Good Hair, or them older HOOD kids will . . .”

He was then interrupted when a fight broke out in the crowd. Mike is a FUNNY guy, but that was just CRUEL and UNCALLED FOR!

Check it:

Source: MTO

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