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Selena Gomez Sends Message to Justin


Selena Gomez Sends Message to Justin!?!

When it comes to The Biebs and his on-again-off-again  and off girl, Selena Gomez Sends Message to Justin Bieber that she has replaced him with a new guy!

Word is, Selena Gomez is at the forefront for musician, Zedd, 25, who has been expressing his feelings on social media.

Selena and Zedd has been sending romantic photos back and fourth on IG. Selena Gomez, 22, responded in the comment section!

Selena and Zedd’s intentions were crystal clear when they posted pictures of each other on Jan. 19. Selena admitted she was “missing” the DJ, and now fans are crazy about Zeddlena. Zedd took things a step further by sharing a photo of Selena in bed during a Facetime date!


On Jan. 20, Zedd posted a pic of notebook paper with the words “I want you to know…” written on it. Oh Zedd, why are you toying with our emotions here? This has to be for Selena, right?

His rumored girlfriend Selena actually responded to the post writing, “That its… :)” Okay, now we NEED to know! That it’s whats?! Could “love” be the next word of this unfinished sentence? We kind of hope so!

Check the Tweets:



Selena replied with this post on Instagram, writing:

“missing la and this punk, just a little tonight ?? shooting starts soon!! Eeeeekkkk –Fundamentals of Caregiving!!”


Earlier this month Zedd posted this meme:

“@selenagomez likes Johnny from “The Room”… a lot!”


Has Selena Gomez officially kicked The Biebs to the curb?

We’re crossing our fingers!

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Mia Farrow And Her Black Children


Mia Farrow And Her Black Children???

You might just say this is a big MISTAKE on Woody Allen’s ex wife Mia Farrow who BLUNDERED when she Googled “mia farrow and her black children.”

In order to find a picture of her daughter Quincy Farrow, mama Mia Farrow had to Google “mia farrow and her black children.”

Weird, right?


Well the “Rosemary’s Baby” star posted a picture of her adopted daughter on Twitter to wish her a happy 21st birthday on Monday, but failed to crop out the search terms used to find the photo, reports the New York Observer.

Hilariously sad:


Shortly after, the 69-year-old deleted the tweet, replacing it with another picture of Quincy that did not feature any search terms.

Here is the original photo tweet from Mia that raised-eyebrows:


Nick Carbone NOT only has the original pic on his twitter feed, he question why Mia had to search out a photo of her daughter. Should she have one of her own?

He tweets:

“You’d think @miafarrow would have a photo of her daughter without having to google it…with such an awkward search…”


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TVOne Cancels R&B Divas: Atlanta


TVOne Cancels R&B Divas: Atlanta?!?

Wait, What was that? Oh Snap! Another Reality TV series gets the axe for 2015! Word is TVOne Cancels R&B Divas: Atlanta upcoming season 4!

Sorry R&B Divas: Atlanta fans but we thought that TV One was planning on shaking up the cast something serious for the upcoming season of “R&B Divas Atlanta,” but now sources are claiming that the network actually axed the show completely.


Always A List writes:

But last week, TV One’s new President, Brad Siegel made his TV Press Tour debut at the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles as head of the network and did not present “R&B Divas Atlanta” as one of the returning series.

Monifah, Nicci Gilbert, Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson & the fifth cast member.  On Tuesday afternoon, several members of the cast were notified that the show that once delivered record-breaking numbers for TV One was officially cancelled.

Sources close to the production told AlwaysAList.com that there were a variety of issues that had the future of “R&B Divas Atlanta” in turmoil. From casting challenges to the network wanting the show to significantly lower its production budget, apparently TV One and the series’ executive producers could not come to terms.

We are NOT sure on how true the RUMOR that TV One has officially cancelled R&B Divas Atlanta or NOT?

In related news, former “R&B Divas Atlanta” star and executive producer Nicci Gilbert has been telling fans on Twitter that her pending lawsuit against the network over Todd Tucker’s “Hollywood Divas” isn’t responsible for its demise.

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