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Shahs Star Reza Farahan Is Officially A Married Man



Shahs Star Reza Farahan Is Officially A Married Man!!!

Congrats goes out to Shahs of Sunset star Reza Farahan he and his fiancé Adam Neely had a surprise wedding in Palm Springs, Calif so Reza Farahan Is Officially A Married Man.

A source tells E! that co-star Asa Soltan Rahmati performed the ceremony and it was filmed for the upcoming season.

CelebNMusisc247.com has this report:

Adam had no idea, but they went through with it and are both extremely happy, according to our source.

The romantic day comes after Shahs of Sunset viewers witnessed Reza call off his wedding last season before a group trip to Thailand.

In fact, what was supposed to be a destination wedding turned out to be a cast vacation with a little less love.

Reza explained to E! News when the episode aired:

“I honestly didn’t feel like getting married was the right thing to do.”

“We had unresolved issues that needed to be addressed.”

Congrats to Reza and Adam.

What do you think?

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Jason Kidd Son CJ Marries His Boyfriend


Jason Kidd Son CJ Marries His Boyfriend

Rumor has it that NBA baller and now coach Jason Kidd son CJ marries his boyfriend on the low low along with matching rings.

We previously reported on The Brooklyn Nets coach and former NBA star Jason Kidd’s son is allegedly OUT of the CLOSET back in May of this year.

Take a look at Jason Jr and his dude:


It appears that the rumor may be true, because CelebNMusic247.com is hearing another one claiming that CJ just got married to his boyfriend.  Jason Kidd Jr. says that they are “Boooees For Life” alongside a photo of her and his man shirtless.   They actually make cute couple all hugged up and happy.  

So if this rumor plays out to be true, CelebNMusic247.com congratulates the happy newly weds.  By the way, you may notice that both ment have matching rings to symbolize their love, but this is normal for many gay couples. 


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Reza Farahan Engaged To Boyfriend


(CelebNMusic247-News) Reza Farahan Engaged To Boyfriend

Shahs of Sunset star Reza Farahan and boyfriend Adam Neely are the next made for TV engagment. 

Are you ready, we know The Bachelor‘s Juan Pablo probably isn’t.

Anyways, the Shahs of Sunset star is nabbing Bravo’s first gay wedding spinoff. I so hope Asa is the wedding planner! LOLZ!

Reza dished about the proposal which took place in August to Life & Style, but the two kept their engagement a secret.

They had to keep it on the hush because the engagement was set  to be featured on the season finale Reza reveals. Of course… silly me, I thought engagements were for love, not storylines.

Get this, Reza revealed that he even keep the happy news from his own mother.

Reza jokes:

 “I’m going to have to make dinner for my mom before the engagement airs and say, ‘Hey, let’s watch Shahs!’” 

As for the proposal, it was all about Reza, of course!

 “I rented a sprawling $5 million mansion in Palm Springs for me and my friends to spend my birthday weekend.”

Of course, it was all about Reza, you remember the guy who said he wasn’t sure if he could stay committed, but thanks to the spinoff fairies who came a’callin it’s easier to work it out over 12 episodes.

The proposal took place on Adam’s birthday so when the cake came out Reza popped the question with a Cartier ring.

Reza says they plan to get married “after we finish decorating our new place!”

Do you think his TV bestie MJ Javid will be his maid of honor? And with his over the top fashion sense we can’t wait to see what they choose as wedding colors?

Man if he was in Iran, this would NEVER happen..


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