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Seth Rogen Faces Off With Justin Bieber



Seth Rogen Faces Off With Justin Bieber!!!

Ellen was up to her usual surprises since Seth Rogen Faces Off With Justin Bieber thanks to Ellen booking both stars on the same episode.

Ellen is one smart lady, especially during sweeps week.

CelebNMusic247.com has this report via Ellen:

Seth says that he decided to be mean for no reason and says that he and the Biebs have made up, squashing their beef. If you remember back in 2014, Seth Rogen called Justin Bieber A Piece of Sh-t after Bieber landed a DUI in Miami.

The Night Before star weighed on Bieber back in the day after Justin had a series of negative headlines surface in the media and many people had sickened of the pop star hoping that he would be deported back to Canada.




Watch as the Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising star discussed his feud with Justin Bieber, and then was joined by a surprise guest:

What do you think of Seth Rogen Facing Off With Justin Bieber?

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Ellen’s Nicki Minaj Parody FAILS Misserably


Ellen Nicki Minaj Parody/Warner Bros.

Ellen’s Nicki Minaj Parody FAILS Misserably!!!

As always, social media is weighing in saying Ellen’s Nicki Minaj Parody FAILS Misserably and that there was nothing funny about the big butt jokes.

CelebNMusic247.com has this report on Ellen DeGeneres upcoming ABC Family sitcom about Nicki Minaj’s early life.

In the parody, we watch the family on the sitcom as they knock stuff over with their big butts, and found it challenging to sit on a couch together. The little girl character was made to bend over as she was introduced.

We are disappointed with Ellen DeGeneres, because she is such a funny woman, but watching this video was an embarrassment for Ellen besides being an EPIC FAIL!

Many people on social media thought the clip wasn’t just offensive but also low-key racist because of the stereotype it perpetuated about black people and big butts.

Here is what one woman said about the Nicki Minaj Parody:


So Nicki is the butt of the joke, but the butt jokes are flat, the timing is off and the satire is weak! We NOT going to say this is an attack at Nicki or that it’s making fun of theblack community. Nicki usually loves Ellen’s humor, but this time it’s a pathetic attempt at comedy.

“I have one more thing that I think will boost your mood,” is how DeGeneres set the clip up. Think again, Ellen. Umm, was Ellen thinking when she made this? It’s worse than black face. Making fun of Nicki’s butt is so 2010. It’s played out, didn’t Ellen get the memo that butt jokes are dated when it comes to Nicki?

Ellen Nicki Minaj Parody/Warner Bros.

Ellen Nicki Minaj Parody/Warner Bros.

Here is a snippet of the script to see the joke written out. It still is FLAT!

ellens-nicki-minaj-parody-fails-misserably-1013-4 ellens-nicki-minaj-parody-fails-misserably-1013-5

Poor thing, maybe Ellen was having a bad comedy day.


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Cynthia Bailey Takes Shots At Phaedra Parks


Cynthia Bailey Takes Shots At Phaedra Parks?!?

The drama NEVER ends with The Real Housewives of Atlanta especially now that Cynthia Bailey Takes Shots At Phaedra Parks!

Since Phaedra Parks appeared on Ellen to air her thoughts about her cast mates, it has struck a NERVE with Cynthia Bailey and now she is weighing in on Phae Phae!

Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks are now facing off since Apollo Nida’s soon to be ex wife described Kenya Moore as “Satan” and Bailey as a “lap dog” on Ellen.  Peter Thomas wife normally dusts off the shade, but this time she is FIRING back at the funeral home owners remarks.

Cynthia shaded Phaedra calling her a Gremlin.

Bailey writes:

“Fun Fact; Did u know that gremlins have uncontrollable cravings for chocolate?” Bailey wrote in the caption, taking a shot at Parks over rumors that she cheated with an African man named “Chocolate.”


She adds:


Oh The SHADE of it all!


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