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Kesha BLASTS Dr Luke With Body Shaming Emails

Its 2017, and Kesha is back on the Dr. Luke thang! Kesha is BLASTING her music producer Dr Luke for body shaming her and claiming she NEEDS to be more disciplined with her diet.

Just when we all thought this had calmed down and slid back behind the scenes Kesha is throwing Dr Luke under the bus in another effort to be released from her contract. Read more tea being spilled…

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Dr. Luke Puts Brakes on Kesha Billboard Performance

Dr. Luke Puts Brakes on Kesha Billboard Performance

It appears the battle between Kesha and Dr. Luke is just going to continue to worsen since Dr. Luke just puts brakes on Kesha Billboard performance!!!

Get the details on Dr. Luke vs Kesha on the flip…

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Rapper Game

Rapper Game Defends Kesha

When it comes to music Producer Dr. Luke West Coast rapper Game Defends Kesha while Blasting the Music Industry ‘Slave Mentality’!!!

Find out what Rapper Game is saying on the flip….

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