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Mase Decodes Cam'Ron diss track "The Oracle"

Mase Decodes Cam’Ron diss track “The Oracle”

If you heard the EPIC diss track “The Oracle” by Mase then you know he went HAM on Cam’Ron reading him like yesterdays filth!

The Oracle is one of the most wicked diss tracks in a minute, we haven’t heard some real hip hop dissing since Remy Ma. Yeah, New York keeping the diss tracks on lock, and no we ain’t talking about the newbies, we talking about the 90s rappers pointing out F.A.C.T.S. and real shhhht ya heard! Read on and find out what Mase was really saying about Dispet leader Cam’Ron

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Cam'ron Almost Had Beef with Joe Budden

Cam’ron Almost Had Beef with Joe Budden

Last week Joe Budden weighed in on Cam’ron and how he went behind Jim Jones back and got a Copyrighting on ByrdGang, Capo’s name? Well Cam jumped the gun and FIRED SHOTS at Budden!!!

Read more and find out how Cam’ron and Joe Budden almost had Beef…

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Joe Budden Weighs In on Cam'ron Response to Jim Jones

Joe Budden Weighs In on Cam’ron Response to Jim Jones

Joe Budden weighs in on Cam’ron’s rebuttal to Jim Jones emotional interview last week with Funkmaster Flex. Budden says he already knew about all of it, but Joe and his crew break it down.

Flip and get Joe Budden, Mall and Bars perspective on the fall of the Diplomats…

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