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BottleRock Napa Triumphs with Outkast and Heart


BottleRock Napa Triumphs with Outkast and Heart

BottleRock Napa day 2 took off like a storm with amazing performances by Outkast, Heart, De La Soul, Weezer, Smash Mouth, Third Eye Blind, Cracker and more.

Let the music be heard!

More than a decade had passed since Outkast last took the stage together in Northern California and after a bumpy first start with BottleRock Napa year one.  Though day two of Bottle Rock was more of a diverse day for festival goers.

soft-white-sixties-brnv-0531-3There was more choice when it came to the music; from rock to hip hop, and folk to blues. Festival goers were able to go hard for local acts on the City Winery Lounge like; The Soft White Sixties who is definitely a band to look out for. As well as Jealous Zelig, The Deadlies, KingsBorough, Thicker Than Thieves, and Letters From The Fire. The City Winery Stage took over the Comedy stage which was a major improvement to the festival. There were so many local acts, unsigned Indie bands that the festival premiered on Saturday.

Like year one BottleRock is that the festival continues to be ALL about Indie Artist. The festival may still be young on the circuit of music festivals, but it promises to be one of the best, especially for Indie bands that have major potential. Last year, Macklemore was the opening day headliner of Bottle Rock 2013, kicking off the first annual year of the festival. At that time Macklemore was unknown and one year later they’re at the top of their game in music. Bottle Rock Napa is becoming known as a launching zone for bands on the rise. At the festival you get a look at the next big act that will change the face of music. This year we put our eyes on Soft White Sixties and Jealous Zelig.

Thus, Saturday had so many stellar performances it was hard to see everyone, but the groups that had the crowd doing back flips on the Miner Family Winery Stage where hip hop veterans De La Soul blew the roof off the stage as fans came in the droves to “Me Myself and I,” “Oooh,” “Stakes is High,” “Ego Trippin, Part Two” and more hits from the Stakes is High, Buhloone Mindstate, 3 Feet High and Rising and De La Soul is Dead albums

Next on the list for incredible acts was Smash Mouth who had diehard fans jumping to the high energy hits that from the Astro Lounge, Smash Mouth, Fush Ya Mang albums with hits like “All Star,” “I’m A Believer,” “Stoned,” “Everyday Superhero,” and more.

While over at the Toshiba Stage Moonalice kicked off day two on the main stage bring fans more incredible music from their Dave’s Way EP Volume 1, followed by Cracker who rocked fans in the heat of the day. Cracker rocked the stage with songs from their Cracker, Kerosene Hat, Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey and Countrysides albums.  While Matt & Kim gave a stellar performance playing hits like “Daylight,” “Let’s Go,” and “Cameras.

third-eye-blind-brnv-1Later in the day things got TURNT UP when bay area natives, Third Eye Blind took to the stage to blow the sound barrier with hits like “Jumper,” “Semi-Charmed Life,” “Never Let You Go,” “Blinded” and more.

When Weezer took the main stage, the crowd was at full capacity, but Bay Area native band had festival goers singing every song alongside lead singer Stephan Jenkins.  Despite a small technical error on the opening song of Weezer, they still killed it with festival goers who couldn’t get enough of the 4 manned group.  They sang all of their major hits like “Beverly Hills,” “Buddy Holly,” “Blowin My Stack,” and many more.

Over at the Sprint Stage the Blues Travelers brought fans that older bluesy rock music that had festival goers playing their air guitars and dancing in circles like it was a love peace and flower festival.

Though nothing compared to Outkast who came strong hitting the stage with “B.0.B.” as the massive crowd (35 thousand) went ballistic to the pounding beat to the hip hop duo who dominated Bottle Rock 2014.  Andre 3000 and Big Boi took the stage with force as Andre informed the massive crowd “We are the infamous, mighty, mighty Outkast.”

The Atlanta hip hop duo made the horrible Coachella performance a myth as their energy level was over theDe-la-soul-brnv-531-5 top. Andre 3000 wore a black jumpsuit that read “I NEVER had F@cebook, Twittter@r or Inst@gram” along with a sales tag that read “Sold Out” on one side and “For Sale” on the other which was speaking out to social media.

Outkast, which last played the Bay Area in 2001, was as good as if not better than  ever as it delighted both old and new fans with some of the best tunes in hip-hop history. Andre 3000 and his partner in rhyme, Big Boi, were simply sensational throughout the roughly 100-minute set, which certainly ranked as one of the definitive highlights of the second annual BottleRock. Outkast performed hits like “Gasoline Dreams,” “Stankonia,” “The Whole World,” followed by an amazing encore set.

smash-mouth-brnv-0531-2Over on the Sprint Stage the illustrious rock goddesses of the 70s Anne and Nancy Wilson aka Heart blew festival goers away with one of the best performances at BRNV 2014. Rock veterans Heart got things rocking right away with their massive hits like; “Barracuda,” “Crazy on You,” “Magic Man,” “Alone,” and more. After 40 years of amazing rock music Heart ignited the stage and sounded better that ever. It was vocal perfection as Heart rocked fans into the night, closing out day two of Bottle Rock Napa 2014.

Word is Bottle Rock will be back in 2015 Bigger, Better and Stronger than ever so stay posted and be ready to be blown away by year three of Bottle Rock 2015.

CelebNMusic247.com would like to thank all the ladies and men of BottleRock Napa for such a great time. You all ROCKED at BottleRock!!!

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BottleRock Napa Back Bigger and Better


BottleRock Napa Back Bigger and Better

BottleRock Napa 2014 is back for round 2 with The Cure, Sublime with Rome, and Gin Blossoms in a Bigger, Better and Stronger with another year of great bands, great food and great drinks in the Napa Valley.

After a bumpy first start with BottleRock Napa year one year two of the music and wine festival proved to be splendid. From the word go CelebNMusic247.com started our day a 9am as we ventured to the media parking which was located by Napa Valley College. We found parking swiftly and were quickly on the bus transportation that dropped us next to the festival gate, making it a smooth transition to the festival. From there we checked in and were quickly on our way to cover the second annual Bottle Rock Napa Music Festival 2014. The Festival has switched ownership and this year as we stepped into the venue we could already see the many changes.

From a media standpoint we were happy to see that this year the media tent was an actual building with air conditioning to facilitate the many interviews that we will be featuring this week. Although we noticed some immediate changes like all food and drinks were cash only and that the ticket system from year one was discontinued. As well as a new VIP and VIP platinum areas were created to give festival goers a unique experience with and exclusive feel. The tickets for VIP which run for $699.00 and VIP Platinum which goes for $3000. for the 3-day pass gives festival goers a top notch experience. VIP Festival goers have designated areas to watch all bands on the Toshiba Stage, Sprint Stage and Miner Stage. There VIP can sit back relax, drink and watch bands from designated areas with spectacular views.

gin-blossoms-brnv-2Compared to a bumpy first year BottleRock Napa year two is new and improved.  This year Bottle Rock 2014 came back strong and kicked things off with a nostalgic mix of music that ran through the 90s to 2014 with stellar performances by Moon Taxi, Delta Rae, Empires, Moon Alice, Matisyahu, Hurray for Riff Raff. It was an amazing to a full day of great music, food and drinks.

We started off our festival experience with a delicious Cajun shrimp sandwich the fueled CelebNMusic247.com’s day as we ventured around the festival to tackle all four stages that was filled with high energy talent. BottleRock Napa 2014 had multiple crowds in multiple areas rocking to the music. There was a little bit of something different for all palates, from food that delivers the best in Napa Valley cuisine to the valley’s best wineries strutting their stuff from lounge style tents to wine booths that delivered your favorite Cabernets, Pinots, Chardonnays, and Merlots. The festival delivered everything like last year minus a couple areas.

This year BottleRock Napa 2014 cut the comedy tent, and the philanthropy section of the festival, but has plans to bring back the philanthropy aspect in 2015.  Year one may have been turbulent for BottleRock but thanks to a new group of owners who specialize in festivals there was a big difference. Getting in and out of VIP was easy and efficient, but all security needs to be familiar with the photographers who cover the festival. There were a couple miner bumps this year, but we know year three will be on point. mayer-hawthorne-brnv-2Though, the mild changes made a great difference for the festival and working the event. Things ran way smoother all the way around except for one factor, and that was all the performance starter 15 minutes apart so it was none stop music all day long, but if there was an addition 10 minutes between acts that would help photographers get to each location smoother. Maybe in 2015 the Toshiba Stage could have two main stages at both ends of the field so when one band is done another can start across the lawn. The same setup can be placed at the Sprint Stage with two main stages set side by side so after each band another band can be setting up. This way there would be multiple stages with smoother transitions and more music.  These are just some suggestions for year three which we are hearing to already set to be amazing with an extraordinary line-up and headliners.

The other suggestion would be a smoother way for photographers to get around the festival without having to fight the crowd. Last year we were able to run through the back areas of the festival to get to and from each stage and this year we were not which made it extremely difficult to fully cover the event. Day 1 was a smooth as the venue was around 20+ thousand people attending, but day two reach high over 33+ thousand. The more people made it almost impossible to cover the event this year as we did the run, but could not hit all the stages like normal. Without going through the festival the back way made it very hard to cover the multiple acts and stages.

cosmos-brnv-3Like we said those are just some hopefully changes from a coverage standpoint, festival goers seemed to have a blast. There was plenty to do for festival goers who came to enjoy great wine, food and music. This year the festival did NOT disappoint for festival goers as it offered many options from bear courts to wineries and world renounced fine dining cuisine. In the Whole Foods Garden festival goers are able to savor great food. However, we noticed one feature we would love to see come back to the Whole Foods Garden.  The HUGE video screens in the food areas and around the festival for the Toshiba stage and the Sprint Stages, so festival goers can see their favorite groups while eating or if they need to sit while the bands performed. It would be great to see screens for the Toshiba stage in the Whole Foods Garden and maybe on the opposite side Sprint Stage Screens, so the area is set up like a sports bar but festival goers can see.

When it comes to screens for the festival, The Miner Family Winery Stage also needs a couple screens set to the sides as well as the area where the Whole Foods Garden so it can be a hub for festival goers to see who is performing and were to be.TheCure-brnv-13

As the day moved into the later hours festival goers were able to enjoy groups like the Gin Blossoms who blew the roof off the Miner Family Winery Stage, Robert Delong (the only EDM act) the had festival goers going crazy, followed by Mayer Hawthorne who had festival goers begging for more. Over on the main stage (The Toshiba Stage) TV on the Radio brought the rock to the festival with an electrifying performance. TV on The Radio was the perfect act as a lead in for The Cure who had fans going wild as Robert Smith took you through a thirty year catalog of music. The Cure kicked off with “Dog Eat Dog,” “Fascination Street,” “Friday I’m In Love,” “Pictures of You,” “Primary,” “A Forest,” and many more. The Cure set was over two hours and gave fans a sure dose of The Cure. Robert pulled many of his classic moves and expressions with smearing his makeup and more.  If you are a diehard fan of the Cure this was one show NOT to miss. While festival goers rocked out to the Goth rock of The Cure, others were over at the Sprint Stage going crazy for Sublime with Rome who
TV-on-the-radio-brnv-0530-3gave fans of the 90s rock band tablespoon times 100 of rock. Sublime with Rome ignited the stage with an electrifying performance playing hits like “Santeria,” “What I Got,’ “Wrong Way,” and many more hits from the Sublime, 40 Oz to Freedom and Second hand Smoke albums.

Sublime with Rome’s lead singer didn’t want to set off anyone’s allergies outside his dressing room last night in Napa Valley … so instead he toked up on-stage. On Friday night over on the Sprint Stage Sublime with Rome played the BottleRock festival without bothering anyone like The Cure, TV on The Radio, Gin Blossoms, Mayer Hawthorne Delta Rae or EDM artist, Robert Delong.

See, last week Sublime with Rome ran into some issues with Linkin Park after Tucson cops say security for Linkin Park approached them to report Sublime’s dressing room weed-fest. According to the band, one of LP’s guys is allergic to smoke.

Sounds like Rome Ramirez lit up on-stage last night in protest.

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OutKast Dominates BottleRock Napa

OutKast Dominates BottleRock Napa 2014!!!

Hip Hop duo Andre 3000 and Big Boi of Outkast may have had a bumpy start with their long-awaited reunion tour at Coachella, but their BottleRock Napa performance KILLED IT!

Outkast was triumphant with one of the best shows we’ve seen from the Atlanta hip hop duo that brings high energy funk hip hop with a Southern flare. Andre 3000 made a fashion statement with his “I’ve NEVER had F@cebook, Twitt@r or Inst@gram” jumper and “For Sale/Sold Out” price tag hanging from his hip. While Big Boi kept it traditional with short and jacket. Their energy was EXPLOSIVE, the music BRILLIANT and the performance SUPERB.

Checkout Andre 3000:


There wasn’t a dull moment with Outkast this go around. They listened to the critics and changed up the performance making this a show you didn’t want to miss. If you love Outkast this was the show to see. Andre and Big Boi were on point and able and the street where they birthed Outkast.

Checkout Big Boi:


Outkast represents who they are and who they aren’t according to Andre who thanked the many BottleRock festival goers who showed up for day 2 of the banging festival that packs a punch when it comes to great live and indie music.  They kicked off their set with “B.O.B.,” followed by “Gasoline Dreams,” “Hey Ya,” “So Fresh, So Clean,” “Ms. Jackson,” “Aquemini” and more hits from Stankonia, ATLiens, and Speaker Boxxx/Love Below albums.  It was a stellar night with Outkast. Joining them on stage was Sleepy Brown to sing.

Take a look at our official Outkast gallery from BottleRock Napa 2014:

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