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Webbie Arrested For Domestic Dispute

Webbie Arrested For Choking His Girlfriend in a Hotel

Remember rapper Webbie, you the guy who gave us hits like “Independent,” “Who U Ridin,” “Give Me That” and more has been arrested in Baton Rouge.

On Wednesday, Webbie got popped by cops following an alleged domestic dispute in a hotel room with his girlfriend. Read on…

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Bobby Shmurda Making 10 to 25 Cents an Hour

Bobby Shmurda Making Pennies In Prison

After ruining his rap career, Bobby Shmurda traded his microphone for a clerking gig while he’s behind bars!

Flip and get the latest details on Bobby Shmurda...

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Rapper Brisco Arrested on Fraud Charges

Rapper Brisco Arrested on Fraud Charges

Why is it, entertainers keep getting BUSTED on fraud charges? Now Florida rapper, Brisco, was arrested this week for allegedly selling fake money to an undercover agent?!?

We can’t…This is ridiculous! Find out how rapper Brisco got popped by an undercover agent…

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