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DMX on House Arrest After Failing Drug Tests

DMX on House Arrest After Failing Drug Tests

This week, DMX got in trouble with the law again. The Ruff Ryder tested positive for cocaine and pot several times while on out on bail in his tax evasion case.

DMX, whose legal name is Earl Simmons, showed up to court late wearing a blue tie-dyed Def Leopard T-shirt, to face off with Judge Jed Rakoff. Read on about DMX House Arrest

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Lil Wayne Home RAIDED For Artwork


Lil Wayne Home RAIDED For Artwork!!!

Earlier this week Lil Wayne Home RAIDED For Artwork when police raided Wayne’s Miami mansion, confiscating Wayne’s extensive art stash.

CelebNMusic247.com has learned via NOLA that the raid was conducted after Lil Wayne failed to make payments on a jet — a Gulf stream II twin-engine plane — leased at a cost of $55,000 per month from a Miami company, according to the newspaper’s research.

The company sued Lil Wayne after he stopped making payments, and it won a $2 million judgement about a month ago.


The police brought a man to appraise to the art and find its value. The police reportedly then confiscated Lil’ Wayne’s possessions accordingly. They took plaques and art in the raid. – MiamiHerald

Meanwhile, Rick Ross weighed in on Twitter.

“Watching @LilTunechi CMB defining career and seeing his current situation hurts my heart.”

“Like I tell my Luv ones ‘some Gshit gone come thru.’”

What do you think of Lil Wayne Home being RAIDED For Artwork?

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Tasha Smith’s Husband Files Restraining Order


Tasha Smith’s Husband Files Restraining Order?!?

Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse star, Tasha Smith is caught up in one of the most ridiculous legal woes with her husband after it was revealed Tasha Smith’s Husband Files Restraining Order!

CelebNMusic247.com has the tea on Smith, of whom husband, Keith Douglas, was granted a restraining order that requires her to stay at least two yards away from him.  Word is actress/acting coach and Tyler Perry star, Tasha Smith is a ball buster since her husband, Douglas claims that she repeatedly threatened to kill him and is known for alcohol-fueled rages.

Here is what we’ve learned via TMZ who reports that Tasha Smith’s husband Keith Douglas just obtained a restraining order demanding Tasha stay at least 2 yards away from him inside their home and at least 100 yards away from him outside the house.

Keith accuses Tasha of getting blind drunk and threatening to kill him or get people to hurt him and has warned him ‘not to fall asleep or something would happen.’

Keith also says Tasha has threatened him in front of his children forcing him to flee the house.

A full hearing has been set to decide which one of them will eventually have to leave the home.


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