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Amy Schumer Calls Out Netflix "Women Deserve Equal Pay"

Amy Schumer Calls Out Netflix “Women Deserve Equal Pay”

Amy Schumer is making a play for equal pay by renegotiating her $11 million Netflix payout. Schumer assures everyone that the claims are of her demanding more money is NOT True.

However, Amy Schumer points out that “I believe women deserve equal pay” Though she states, “I don’t believe I deserve equal pay to Chris and Dave.” Read on to get the full story…

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Tina Fey and Ronda Rousey Team Up In ‘Do Nothing Bitches’

Universal has a new comedy duo on the way since Tina Fey and Ronda Rousey Team Up In ‘Do Nothing Bitches’!!!

CelebNMusic247.com has the latest details on the next Tina Fey comedy that is in the works…

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This Year Anti-Santa Claus Comes To Town In Krampus


This Year Anti-Santa Claus Comes To Town In Krampus!!!

Every so often Christmas gets a horror film to put fear into the season of giving, and This Year Anti-Santa Claus Comes To Town In Krampus trailer from Legendary Films.

Unlike cure horror comedy Gremlins, the German folklore tale of Krampus is told for all on the big screen. And no, this movie is NOT one you take your kids to.


Who is Krampus?

Funny you ask. As a colleague of Saint Nick, Krampus is essentially the anti-Santa Claus in that he brings suffering and torture to naughty children whereas Santa brings gifts. Most versions of the Krampus depicts the Krampus almost as a Knight Templar character who would severely beat children into obedience, or, in some versions, outright kills the child. Krampus may even go as far as to kidnap the child and put them into a sack and take them back to his lair to devour them. Or, he simply takes them to the underworld. One of his main discipline tools includes birch sticks that he could use to swat children with.

In Germany, there is a day called Krampushaeht, or Krampus Night, that would be celebrated on December 5, ironically on the same day as St. Nicholas Day. Nowadays, there are festivals thrown for the Krampus, and many people dress up like him.

In a more light-hearted and comical version – Krumpus sings to Steve in American Dad about who he is and what he does to children.


Of course, Hollywood couldn’t let this folklore legend story not be told, so Legendary Films is proud to bring movie goers and horror fans a new movie to show a darker and more grim side of Christmas with Krupmas.

The legend of the Krampus is rooted in more draconian yuletide lore, where bad little boys and girls get visited by a cloven-hoofed horned monster who would beat them with birch branches, or worse, drown them in a washtub and take them straight to Hell.

CelebNMusic247.com has your first look at Krumpus, as seen below:

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