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Mike Epps Says His Older Kids Are Ugly

Mike Epps Says His Older Kids Are Ugly-530-1

(CelebNMusic247-NewsMike Epps Says His Older Kids Are Ugly

WTF? Comedian Mike Epps goes in on his babys mother – saying that she looks like “James Brown.”

Actually, Epps was performing at a recent show and was making fun of his kids saying that his kids were ugly.  But then he takes things A LITTLE TOO FAR, by CLOWING his kids by his first child’s mother – calling them UGLY.

Mike says: “Now all my OLDER UGLY KIDS are mad at my new CUTE kids. . . You better not get re-married and have some new kids with Good Hair, or them older HOOD kids will . . .”

He was then interrupted when a fight broke out in the crowd. Mike is a FUNNY guy, but that was just CRUEL and UNCALLED FOR!

Check it:

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Comedy Central’s “Key & Peele” Booed Off Stage

(CelebNMusic247) Comedy Central‘s “Key & Peele” Booed Off Stage:

It’s probably one of the most painful videos to watch, especially when it comes to the guys behind the hit Comedy Central show “Key & Peele” who ultimately SUCKED at a recent performance at a comedy show in NorCal.

They trued to make fun of athlete names , but the joke were all duds and it just got worse by the minute.

“Key & Peele” were performing at the Wild 94.9 Comedy Jam near San Francisco when the crowd turned on the comics during a bit about athletes with weird names. The comedy club was filled with waves of boos coming from every direction.

Word is, “Key & Peele” SUCKED so bad that there  was no winning back the crowd.

One of the guys told the crowd the audience:

 “Thank you … you guys are amazing … couple of classy ones out there.”

So Sad, because they are usually funny.

Watch the video below:

At time of press Key & Peele’s rep had no comment.

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